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Winter outfits: Our guide for Marshmallow shades in the Cold Season

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Are pastel colors reserved for spring? If this question crosses your mind often, you will be pleased to know that the answer is indeed “no”. Fashionistas around the world have swapped the total leather look and neon clothes for the star of the season: the winter outfit in pastel colors. Baby blue, powder pink, mimosa yellow and sea green: pastel is everywhere to breathe a gourmet touch into your gray and cold winter days. But a lot of women don’t dare sport the pastel look or else they’ll look like a little girl or worse – a marshmallow. Don’t panic, our guide will help you learn how to dose and combine these feminine and “delicious” shades.

Winter outfit in pastel colors: the golden rules for dosing and pairing well

In order to wear pastels well, it is important to remember that everything is in the dosage. If you are new to this, it is advisable to avoid the total candy look. Instead, leave these daring outfits to experienced fashionistas. If you still want to give it a try, here are some winning combinations to experiment with.

  • Baby pink + mimosa yellow / baby blue
  • Lilac + sea green / mint / mimosa yellow / peach
  • Peach + baby blue / sea green
  • Baby blue + baby pink / mimosa yellow
  • Mimosa yellow + mint

There is no need to panic because pastels are easy to match with basic colors. However, refrain from associating “marshmallow” tones, tender by nature, with shades that attack them too much (such as black or chocolate). Instead, focus on light basics like white, light gray or cream. In some cases, camel and navy blue can also work very well.

The easiest approach to take for a successful winter outfit in pastel colors is to choose one piece in a bony hue. Up or down, the choice is yours. The good news is that pastel clothes go perfectly with your basics in white and with your denim pieces (jeans, jackets, blouses, skirts).

What accessories with a winter outfit in pastel colors?

Regarding accessories, there are two approaches to adopt: bet on accessories that contrast with your outfit or choose some that match (or almost) to the whole. Tender and subtle, pastels can sometimes make you look too girly or worse, make you look like a macaroon. This is why it is very important to properly dose these shades.

This rule also applies to the choice of accessories which can sometimes change everything. Here are some ideas that might inspire you:

  • A printed bag or shoes
  • A brightly colored clutch bag
  • A winter hat or scarf in a neutral or neon color
  • A fedora hat : camel, white, neon or pastel
  • A pair of glasses in a color matching the outfit or contrasting
  • Costume jewelry

Can we combine pastel colors and prints?

Prints are particularly trendy in recent years and fashionistas around the world are quick to combine them in extremely varied ways. We see more and more often the combination of pastel colors and prints. Even if these duets seem too daring for your taste, give them a chance. For example, a baby blue knitted sweater will go perfectly with your super trendy plaid skirt . Or, enhance your leopard print dress by teaming it with an oversized baby blue coat . The variations are endless and there is a mix and match outfit for every taste and situation.

Jeans and winter outfit in pastel colors

As already explained, denim pieces perfectly match pastel outfits. The lavender hues , mimosa and pink baby exude femininity and freshness when they are combined with jeans or a denim skirt. Bet on wide boyfriend jeans and a pair of pumps to be elegant while being comfortable. Also, don’t hesitate to experiment with split hem jeans that you can combine with your favorite ankle boots and a pastel long coat.

The baby blue coat and the baby pink jacket make a magnificent duo

Opt for a beige coat to balance your pastel outfit in total look

Go for matching accessories, not necessarily in a pastel color

Pair your favorite jeans with pastel blue pieces and white accessories

Accessorize your pastel blue coat with accessories in baby pink

Matching pastel colors is not that difficult 

A stylish winter outfit “trimmed” with a touch of blue


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