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Wedding Nails 2022: Find a Trendy Nails Manicure for your Wedding Day!

Is your wedding day fast approaching? Excitement makes us sometimes try to cope with so many responsibilities, that we sometimes forget the little things: like nails! If you haven’t yet thought about the manicure to do to look absolutely gorgeous on D-Day, Choice4women is here to help! Get inspired by our 2022 wedding nail proposals to feel like a real queen! Let’s go!

Wedding Nails 2022: Wonderful Ideas for D-Day!

Let’s start with the basics. What wedding theme did you choose? And the wedding dress? It must match the theme! And have you already chosen the wedding decor? There are so many things to think about when it comes to planning and organizing such an important event. Nails seem to be the least of your problems at the moment. However, when the big day approaches and you have no idea what to choose, you will start to panic! But don’t worry, we’re here to inspire you with some amazing and classy proposals that will make your head spin and hopefully inspire you!

French Wedding Gel Manicure

The French manicure is by far the best known and most applied style when it comes to weddings. There are hundreds of variations and most of them are sublime. Whether you want a pink with white, beige on white, transparent, or wildly colorful French manicure, you know you’re going for the safest and classiest of choices! In short, you can’t go wrong with this super chic pick! To give a boost, add some details like flowers or pearls… It all depends on your preferences!

french Wedding Nails

Dark Colors?

Are you a non-traditional bride who loves stepping outside of societal norms and expectations? Then we already know that light colors are not for you. How about opting for a darker color instead? Dark red goes perfectly with everything, white or black! If you expect it to be more subtle, opt for an ombré look or cat eye nails! Either way, we know you’ll look stunning.

Wedding Nails in red

For a Bohemian Wedding

Bohemian-style weddings have been trending for quite some time now. Earthy, soft colors combined with pastels that exude nature and style. Reflect your wedding venue by applying the color palette to your nails. Your wedding dress can be white, but your nails don’t have to be!

bohemian Wedding Nails

Classic and Chic Wedding Nails

Pink and gold are the most sought-after styles after the French manicure. The pink compliments the skin perfectly and gives your nails an almost princess and angelic look. Add some glitter for a dramatic effect.

Gold, on the other hand, exudes style and luxury. Do a golden and subtle French manicure for a mesmerizing look. It can be a little overwhelming to do all the nails in gold, so it’s best to choose gold designs.

Photo Gallery: Wedding Nails 2022

Wedding nails 2022: pretty in pink.

Wedding gel nails: white is always the safest choice!

What wedding manicure do you want to have for the big day?

Rose and sequins are a wonderful combination.

Add a subtle gem to your nail art.

These black hearts are absolutely adorable.

Go for a sheer look with patterns.

And the floral patterns? Spring is here, why not take inspiration from it?

For the superstitious: here’s a subtle evil eye nail art idea!

Deco wedding nails 2022: pink wedding manicure.

Gold goes perfectly with almost any color.

Add some bling to your nails! You are the star of the day!

Do you like the stars? Dare this manicure idea for celestial weddings!

Wedding nails 2022: flowers are in fashion this year!

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