Trendy Tattooing 2022: The Most Beautiful Designs to Decorate your Skin

At the beginning of the year, the idea of ​​renewing ourselves and setting goals for the coming months took us more than ever. This time we feel more inspired and hopeful. 2020 and the periods of confinement have given us plenty of time to reflect on the world, ourselves, and who we want to be and this extends to all areas of our lives. These effects can even be seen in the predominant trending tattoo inspirations in 2022. Finally, people want an outlet to relieve stress, and body art is a solution for them to artistically express themselves and demonstrate their individuality. After our editorial staff has already introduced you to the Peony tattoo and the heartbeat tattoo, we are now zooming in on the other top styles to imitate without delay.

What trendy copy-paste tattoo in 2022?

Tattoos have seen a massive rise in popularity over the past ten to twenty years. Once associated with fringe movements and subcultures, body art is now quite mainstream. As more and more people get tattoos, the whole field is constantly expanding. Talented artists introduce new designs and revive old ones. As with any type of art or fashion, some trends rise and fall from the scene, others modernize.

According to reputable tattoo artists, some patterns and designs that have been in vogue in recent years will remain (think symbols and minimalist art), but they will be joined by new schemes in placement and style. If you’re planning on getting your first linkage this year or just want some inspiration for your Pinterest board, you’ve definitely come to the right place. So, what to expect from the subtle art of body inking?

Space tattoo

Get ready to see more constellations, galaxies, astrology, moon phases, and mystique-themed tattoos in 2022. Ever since COVID-19 knocked on the door and people have more free time, many of them took the opportunity to delve deeply into their inner selves and asked themselves ‘Where am I from’, ‘Why am I here? “, ” What is my goal ? “. Hence the fashion for the space tattoo.

Dark tattoo

As the name suggests, the dark tattoo is technically very realistic and has a very dark appearance. When we talk about this type of design, we mean a number of styles with roots in various languages, cultures, and subcultures. It can be music and cinema but also literature (HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe, to name but two), as well as art (the illustrations of Gustav Doré or the engravings of Albrecht Dürer), or folklore and legends inhabited by disturbing and strange characters (demons and monsters, nameless mysterious creatures, witches, bats, werewolves, armored knights). These words are a source of all kinds of inspiration, normally with one important common factor – black. A powerful, bold, and evocative black,

Japanese tattooing revisited

The history of Japanese tattooing dates back centuries but its styles are still on the rise in 2021. Since its inception, it has retained its authenticity and originality and has generated great excitement among body art enthusiasts. It is almost impossible not to identify it at a glance, its design is absolutely unique.

In fact, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of Japanese anime fans in recent years. This genre has been around for a while and many of us grew up watching some of the hit shows like Pokemon, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and many more. As the obsession with anime continues to grow, many people have now started to show their enthusiasm by getting tattoos depicting characters from the anime series.


Trendy tattoos in the fine art spirit

Tattoo artists have been referred to great artists for decades. In 2021, they mix retro and modern patterns and become more subtle with their references. Fine art tattooing is known for its straight, thin lines, with no shade or color gradients, and designs that look like they were done on paper with a technical pen.

Rectangular Tattooing

This trendy tattoo shows a little hint of imagery and the end result is quite spectacular. It reveals a burst of scenes like looking through a crack in a door. Using this rectangular approach as a framework, tattoo artists tell entire stories in a long, thin format. But due to their size, only a slice of the composition is revealed.

Many rectangular tattoos recall traditional Korean and Chinese designs and styles and incorporate natural shapes like rolling hills and waves. They are punctuated with elegant cranes, splendid flowers, and creeping tigers that break free from the format and find themselves on the rest of the body. Although the majority of these tattoos rely on this aesthetic, many of them include contemporary landscapes with stars or even a bunch of colorful balloons.

Micro Tattooing

Some people like large designs that are easily visible. However, there is a counter-tendency to choosing very small models. Small or micro tattoos are more subtle and can really spark interest as observers need to look closely. Opting for such a design is also a good choice for people who are getting tattoos for the first time and want to start slowly.

When it comes to micro tattoos, your choices are indeed limitless. You can have letters, animals, geometric designs, tribal designs, or any other small artwork inked on various parts of your body. Also, if you are considering a tiny tattoo, keep in mind that you need to choose an artist who is experienced with this type of work. It takes great skill and attention to detail to achieve a satisfactory result.

For example, line drawings of a face, animal, or object leave it up to the observer’s imagination to fill in the details. If you want to take the minimalist idea even further, you can get a single line or a set of lines. Variations include straight or parallel lines, barbed wire patterns, and simple geometric shapes.

Minimalist trendy tattoo

Minimalist tattoos are trending and will stay that way for quite a long time. They’re eye-catching, sleek, and simple, and are great options for those who don’t want to overdo it. A cat outline or just a simple line can be a tattoo in this style.

Inspirational phrases, poems, and literary passages

People have always had tattoos consisting of words and names. ‘Love’, ‘Mom’, or the name of a boyfriend or girlfriend can be enclosed in a heart and it’s a real classic – chic and timeless. However, recently young people are addicted to longer sentences. It is increasingly common to see motivational quotes, lines from books or poems, and personal slogans inked on their bodies as a reminder of what is most important in their lives. Moreover, proper placement of this type of tattoo is essential to achieve the desired effect.

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Black and gray ink in a shaded tattoo

While some tattoo trends are all about the placement on the body or the type of design, others focus more on the colors used. In this context, black and gray tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, these colors have the ability to better fix the skin over time, giving it a very aesthetic appearance. Additionally, certain shading techniques can also make your image look more realistic and “lively”, so these shades are perfect for you if you want to adopt something with a 3D effect.

Black and gray tattoos are distinguished by thin lines with lots of subtle shading. Among other things, they were once known as “jail tattoos” or “jail style tattoos” and are nowadays very popular with celebrities and young people. Finally, made with a single needle, nuanced tattoos are aesthetically appealing if they are signed by an experienced and qualified artist.

Trendy black and white tattoo

Monochrome black and white tattoos are considered a classic work of art for anyone looking to adorn their body. But it’s the sophisticated way these shades are used that makes them a top trend. Artists push boundaries to create an illusion of depth, incorporating variations of grayscale into precise, saturated black line art. Often these darker shades are contrasted with piercing white details that produce a striking effect suitable for every part of the body.

Ear tattoo

If the face and neck aren’t your places to get tattooed, your ear might be perfect for that purpose. Ear tattoos are gaining popularity these days due to their cute and stylish looks. Also, you don’t need to adopt an image exactly on your hearing organ; you can place it nearby. There are various options for the design – a word, a line, an animal, etc.

Flower tattoo

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