Trendy Shoes Summer 2022: The 5 chic models that every trendy girl must have in her possession

After about two months, we will swap sneakers and boots for a pair of summer shoes! But do you know which models to focus on to stay on top of the trends during the current year? So, in 2022, we will see a lot of retro pieces making a comeback to invite us in the style of the trendiest girls! The summer 2022 trendy shoes indeed offer us a lot of surprises that you will certainly appreciate. Don’t wait any longer and discover the essential shoes to wear during the hot season! Are you ready? Let’s go.

Summer 2022 trendy shoes: the 5 essential models to get without further ado!

As we’ve mentioned many times, 2022 fashion trends are shaping up to be hot and…retro! This does not exclude summer shoes at all and this year, we will see several models making their comeback on the front of the stage. Which ones exactly? The answer is in the following images.

The mules with heels

Straight out of the 2000s, mules with heels reappeared this winter during Fashion Week shows, but we noticed some rather revisited models. This year, trendy girls are going to wear models in flashy and electric colors to welcome sunny days as they should. The advantage of these retro shoes? They go with everything and everywhere! In addition, you can choose between square or XL heels, the “kitten heels” version, etc. The goal is for all eyes to be at your feet!

How to wear this 2022 shoe trend without a false note? As we just mentioned above, mules with heels can be worn with everything and everywhere, but they go particularly well with denim. Some good and very fashionable proposals include the denim skirt – the great classic that is all the rage during the warm season in view of its various cuts and lengths. And how about the cargo skirt that will once again be a sensation this spring-summer 2022?

Moccasins for an aesthetic look

If you think that moccasins are more reserved for gentlemen, think again! These chic shoes have been part of the trending women’s shoes 2022 in the spring and they will continue their peak during the summer, but change their face a bit. Say goodbye to classic black leather models and celebrate sunny days with pastel, bright, and baby shades. In addition, amazing new materials, such as raffia, promise to transform moccasins into the it-piece of the season! A pair of shoes to adopt this summer with closed eyes.


But, how to wear moccasins? So, the biggest advantage of these summer 2022 trendy shoes is undoubtedly their potential to pair with almost any style and any outfit. Moccasins are worn daily with jeans, shorts, skirts, and, even, dresses. What’s more, these shoes turn out to be a great stylish alternative to the high-heeled sandals that one tends to wear for special occasions such as weddings and which become quite uncomfortable when the feet swell.


In the family of summer 2022 women’s trendy shoes, we also find the clogs that come out of the closet of the 1970s. A really shocking return, but it promises to be all the rage among fashionistas. Thanks to the models modernized by the big luxury houses, the clog is the latest fashion fad of women in vogue. Given that it is an oversized piece, we avoid associating the clogs with other strong elements. On the other hand, we opt for a minimalist appearance by adopting aerial materials and floral patterns.

Spartans will energize your style

Here is a pair of trendy 2022 shoes that are sure to rock your style this summer. Known as the shoes of the gladiators, the Spartans are coming back in 2022 with full force but changing their faces to match the modern style. It’s up to you to choose the model that best meets your preferences: models that end at the ankle or those that go up to the calf… Flat or notched soles… the possibilities are endless!

Wear the Spartans with a short skirt, a flowery dress, or the famous retro 7/8 jeans. In any case, do not overload the look.

Trendy shoes summer 2022: slingback ballet flats

Slingback ballet flats, queso? Closed at the front, but open at the back, these shoes return in 2022 more chic than ever. With round or pointed toes, decorated with rhinestones or bows, in high color or black, these trendy shoes promise to become the star piece of your wardrobe since they go with everything!

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