20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Women To Try This Season

Easy and quick to reproduce, discover 20 easy hairstyles to make at home that will give you allure during confinement.

While it is recommended that you leave your scalp at rest during this confinement period, this should not mean relaxation. You can take the opportunity to space your shampoos, perform moisturizing and repairing treatments. But also create trendy hairstyles, easy to reproduce and practical to wear every day.

The Bun: A Practical And Timeless Trendy Hairstyle

This trendy hairstyle is ideal for women who take advantage of this period of confinement to perform a sebum cure, the bun is a hairstyle available endlessly. It can be done in several ways: low, high, twisted, blurred. We like its practical side which allows to clear the face, but also its sophisticated version which allows to remain elegant even at home.

The Double Bun For An Original Look

We appreciate this trendy hairstyle for its rejuvenating and practical side. To achieve this, nothing could be simpler: you just need to cut your hair in half and make a bun on each side (top or bottom, depending on your taste). If you want to bring a touch of originality to this hairstyle, you can opt for its most stylish versions. The double bun with braids glued to the back of the head, or the double bun made on a half-horse.

The Ponytail: A Classic With Multiple Versions

High, low, fuzzy, curved or braided: the ponytail is a hairstyle that is both casual and elegant, depending on how it is made. We particularly appreciate the low ponytail with a few strands of free hair on the front of the face; as well as the half ponytail, very popular today.

Braids: The Ultimate Trendy Hairstyle For Women

In a classic, sophisticated or bohemian version, braids are trendier than ever. We like the double braid for its ease in making it and the double spiky braid for its very feminine side.

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