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Toe Nails Designs – Trends that will Enhance your Feet this Summer

The big holidays are fast approaching and with them the desire to enhance your toes. Swimsuit, big round glasses, scarf in the hair, sandals, tap shoes, or even bare feet… your feet are in the spotlight all summer long. So take good care of it! Moisturizing creams, sun protection, regular home scrubs, and the toes are very often overlooked in beauty treatments. However, they deserve special attention before and during the summer season. Maintained and sublimated by good toe nails art, they always have their little effect on the beach. So, here are 10 worked pedicure ideas to copy without hesitation this season!

Pretty all the Way to the Tips of your Toes with these Foot Nail Art Trends!

We must admit that during the winter when our feet are locked up all day in our favorite military rangers, we tend to neglect the nails. We indulge in pedicure and take care of it only when we have to show it. However, it’s time to do something about it, because summer is knocking on the door and with its bare toes! So, we’re inspired by the latest trends in nail art feet to make people jealous this summer. But just before diving in, should you associate the varnish of your feet with that of your hands?

Should we associate the nail art of the feet with that of the hands?

The nails of your feet and those of your hands are no longer limited to single nail polish or nail art. The summer season is a period that allows all the follies in terms of beauty. You can therefore without any complex complete the agreement between your manicure and your pedicure by dressing them in different shades. The only requirement? That the colors are chosen are from the same family so that the final result is as harmonious as possible. For example, you can opt for red on the hands and coral on the toes (or vice versa).

However, dissociating the varnish of the hands from the varnish of the feet is no longer old-fashioned. We remind you that white is very trendy both on the nails of the hands and at the level of the toes. In addition, it goes with all colors and all patterns. With white on the hands, you can go for any toe nails art. Here’s something to inspire you!

The mismatched and arty pedicure

Does your heart swing between the micro French manicure, the Milk Bath Nails trend, and bright tones? We have what you need. The arty pedicure aims to transform your toes into a work of art thanks to a subtle mix of summer colors. How to do it at home? Give free rein to your imagination by displaying different patterns (lines, polka dots, etc.) and varnish colors.

Nude Toe Nails

Lips aren’t the only ones dressed in neutral tones! So, after the nude lipstick, zoom in on the nude nail polish! Simple but effective, it is a summer must-have. Chic and natural, it has the major advantage of blending with all colors and all patterns. In addition, the nude varnish is perfect for hiding a small defect such as a big or too-long toe. A pedicure in neutral tones, enhanced by a few rhinestones or graphic lines, will do its bit at the beach this summer.

The Glitter Gradient

Sequins aren’t just for the holiday season anymore! Reminiscent of sand and summer days, sequins pair beautifully with neutral and pastel polish tones. Color your toes in white or nude and add some fine, sparkling glitter using a brush (or a sponge) to give a holiday look to your pedicure. Gently dab the sequins (or glitter varnish) starting from the lunula towards the end of the nail. It’s easy! However, be careful not to add too much!

Animal Print Nail Art

Easier to wear on the feet than on the hands, animal motifs voluntarily invite themselves on your pedicure. The only requirement? Avoid the total look! Reproduce them on a complete nail and, possibly, on a small part of another nail. A little game of contrast is in order. Combine your leopard nail art with a few hints of light or dark color. White, beige, red, black, pastel shades… you’re spoiled for choice for the twister. For a guaranteed chic effect, finish by applying a coat of matte varnish on all your nails!

Two-Tone Toe Nails

Yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, green, pastel tones… not too easy to choose when it’s manicure time! Good news for those who hesitate: the two-tone pedicure will be more trendy than ever this summer. Easy to make and original with its graphic look, it is accessible to all. These are two shades of varnish that are modernized with a silver or gold stroke. The right gesture to reproduce the pretty separation between the two colors at home? Opt for self-adhesive stickers.

Minimalist foot Nail Art

Pompous foot nail art ideas not your cup of tea? Do you rather want to adopt a discreet and neat pedicure? If the start of the pandemic has highlighted looks that are easy to achieve at home like Milky Nails, this summer is all about nude tones and minimalist patterns! Graphic line, French micro, small dots, tone-on-tone look, and matte effect, it is no longer the color of the varnish, but the details that count and make the success of your pedicure. Why are you going to love it? Simple, discreet, and effective, minimalist nails do not go unnoticed.

The Mirror Effect Nail Art

Tropical Nail Art

Shaded Toe Nails

Summer French

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