Summer Makeup Ideas

10 Amazing Tips For Perfect Summer Makeup Ideas

Overview of all these makeup wonders that have sublimated us during the previous summers. Whether at the beach, in the evening or at work, there is bound to be the right summer makeup ideas for the right situation.

In summer we can afford more lightness, a little madness, or a return to nature. We opt for acid colours, for shine or for pastel colours.

Summer makeup ideas

The transparent complexion, intense look and greedy mouth, summer makes us light. In weightlessness, the light and fruity colours deposit on the faces dust of sparks, coloured touches and pearly shine.

Extremely light and flexible, today’s textures offer the pleasure of playing with reflections, modulating tones and inventing a harmony of new effects with a single product. Beautifying fluids, mother-of-pearl powders, iridescent brilliants mix in shades of colour with multiple effects of materials.

Prepare your complexion for summer makeup

Before applying your base cream, decongest your face by spraying it with a fresh mist of thermal water and then gently cleanse with a cotton pad. Continue this fitness, with a three-minute massage, which will consist of gently pinching the epidermis from the bottom to the top of the face to activate its micro-circulation. Energized, the complexion will regain its natural colour. So, you can easily choose the one for your foundation.

Opt for a natural complexion

For a tone-on-tone complexion, the reference colour is referenced at the jaw level. We can always prefer to invent a lighter or darker complexion than our own, but be careful not to stray too far from it. A difference of two tones in one direction as in the other is a maximum. Next, you would risk clown makeup.

While waiting for the next arrival of the sun, light skin tones will offer a good rosy, apricot or peach look. Naturally, golden skin tones will play with coppery oranges and browns.

The evening complexion becomes pearlier under the lights. To enhance the face, it is worked using illumination, these silky emulsions which sublimate the complexion thanks to micro-mirrors whose objective is to divert the light from small imperfections. To apply directly before applying the foundation or to mix with the latter, their texture standardizes the epidermis and prepares it for summer makeup.

In case of dark circles under the eyes, do not hesitate to use a concealer that you choose in a tone lighter than your complexion. Apply it with a brush or directly with your fingertips. Its smoothing will be done by light tapping. Finally, unify your complexion with a veil of loose powder gently applied with a puff or a large brush on the face.

Bet on the subtle tone on tone

The launch of 3-in-1 products created the Ton sir Ton fashion. We do everything with the same product. A single pearly stick to shade the eyes, enhance the complexion and make up the lips. Hyper-practical, this makeup still requires a certain skill because everything is played on the nuances. If the mouth is wearing a bright fuchsia pink lipstick, the eyes and complexion will be a discreet pink. It is by feeling and by taming the textures of these new products that you will measure your makeup.

Creatively mix the colours of your palettes

Surprisingly vivid and colourful, the colours of the palettes are much softer in use than they appear. Candy pink or buttercup yellow turns out to be light and particularly attractive at the edge of the lower eyelids. The shades of pink are featured and are posed in halo or by touches on the whole face. All pastel colours are allowed: mauve, lilac, almond green or yellow. It’s up to you to play them one by one or mix them to create other nuances.

Don’t be cold, dare summer colours

Take advantage of summer to force colours. Start by brushing your eyebrows upwards to define and draw your eyes. Next, apply the lightest eye shadows in the inner corner of the movable eyelid and the darkest ones in the outer corner. Also, have fun with cream pencils that bring a touch of sophistication to summer makeup. And don’t forget to enhance your look with the revolutionary mascaras that sheath, lengthen, separate and curl the most rebellious lashes. They have been enriched with new irresistible colours of eccentricity.

Luscious and shiny, treat yourself to a sexy mouth

Transparent gloss, ultra-shiny lipstick, texture with a wet effect, this summer you will have no excuse for your pursed and thin lips. The new lipstick textures catch the light and make your lips thicker by optical effect. If you continue to doubt it, you can give a luscious effect to your mouth using a beige-pink pencil.

Make the perfect outline for lips

Mark the outline of your lips with a pencil and fill them with a natural pink lipstick, applied with a brush. Then apply a touch of transparent gloss starting from the center of the lips. The shine will spread naturally over the whole mouth. Guaranteed natural luscious effect.

Nail makeup for summer

Finally, don’t forget about nail makeup. The polishes are so pretty and easy to apply that we can’t help but match them with our lipsticks. The most mischievous will play oppositions, orange lips and lilac mauve hands.

Anyway, the result will not go unnoticed and it’s perfect because, in fact, colour is life! With your brushes, pencils and coloured powders for an artistic summer!


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