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Spring Nails 2022 Manicure Trend: What are the nail polish colors to wear next season?

After a winter marked by gray nail polish, what is the spring nails 2022 manicure trend to adopt to welcome the beautiful season? For the past few days, our Instagram feed has been showing only elegant and vitaminized looks. So, we erase the dark tones of his fingers and we fall for one of these spring nail colors!

What will be the Trendy Spring Nails 2022 Manicure that will Dominate Sunny Days?

Even if spring nail art 2022 is still far away, let the manicure trends in turn flow! This year, to welcome the first beautiful days, we will bet on the ultra-pigmented marbled look to sublimate your nails. The major advantage of this trendy spring manicure is that it can be done with any color of varnish. You can therefore very easily adopt it with the shades of the moment! What are they? We tell you everything! Pink, pearl white, royal blue, olive green, caramel brown, pastel, and peach tones, there is something for everyone!

Spring Nail Art Colors to Wear in Spring 2022

With New Year’s resolutions, 2022 makes us want to reinvent ourselves. Changing your look, tidying up your wardrobe, opting for more extravagant fashion pieces, testing out a new make-up trend… in short, it’s the perfect time to change your look from head to toe! On the hair side, the beginning of the year very often marks the peak of short and daring cuts like squares, fringes (in all their forms), and daring colorings.

However, our mane is not the only one to be tempted by the novelties in terms of beauty. Our nails love it too! Elaborate manicures have been on the rise for quite some time now. For spring, the latter has already unveiled the biggest trends in terms of nail polish. Focus!

The Peach Varnish for a Perfect Spring 2022 Manicure Trend

So, whether on the eyes, lips, cheekbones, or nails, the peach color will be everywhere next season. In fact, she already entered the beauty sphere during Paris Fashion Week. If you love nude manicures, then this nail polish trend is for you. You can adapt it in a glossy, matte, or neon version, depending on your preferences. One thing is certain, the peach-colored varnish will give the impression of having longer hair.

Pearl White Varnish for Spring Nail Design

And if you opt for a white manicure this spring-summer? We are not talking about classic French, but about beautiful pearly white nail art. Chic, elegant and ultra-feminine, it adapts to everyone’s desires. If you are so lazy to do your nails, but you still want to bring them a touch of originality, it is on the pearl white manicure that you have to bet. We particularly like it on beautiful golden skin.

Very Peri Varnish Spring Nail Art

Another trendy nail polish color that goes wonderfully well with the marbled effect is undoubtedly Very Peri. The flagship color of the year 2022 according to Pantone has already taken over the fashion world. So it’s the beauty sphere’s turn to celebrate this lovely shade. That said, it’s quite obvious to invite her on her nails. In a total glossy look or in a revisited French matte version, blue nail polish with purple and red reflections promises to set the tone for manicure trends this spring-summer!

Caramel Varnish Spring Nails

We all love the classic polish colors like beige, red, white, and black. However, it’s nice to change a bit from the traditional. So, in 2022, we swap the nude manicure for an ultra gourmet caramel varnish. Its major asset? It blends with all skin tones.

The Pink Varnish

This spring 2022, instead of opting for a pale pink, we put on fuchsia or pearl pink that we associate with a marbled manicure for kitsch but chic look!

Royal Blue

An incalculable palette of nail polish colors and yet it is royal blue that will predominate in spring 2022. A deep and vibrant blue that adapts to all seasons and skin tones. The conclusion ? This year, we forget the classic varnish colors and we prefer a more original shade that will triumph on all hands.

Olive Green

Another good option that goes with all skin tones, olive green nail polish is perfect for welcoming sunny days with a perfect manicure! Celadon green will also be very present this year. So you can choose the one that best suits your natural skin tone.


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