Spring Acrylic Nails

Spring Acrylic Nails 2022: What colors of Varnish and Decorations to Wear during the Current Season?

On the eve of Easter, we really realize that the season of renewal has arrived and that it is high time to update ourselves. For us women, shortening and refreshing the hairstyle, examining the wardrobe for the beautiful season, and learning about the latest fashion trends are just some of the essentials in this updating process. Ah yes, we almost forgot the nails! What Spring Acrylic Nails to adopt so as not to fall behind? Here are our simply unmissable top proposals!

Spring Acrylic Nails 2022: The green manicure from every angle!

As you have probably already noticed, green, in all its imaginable forms, is at the top of the spring 2022 nail art trends. In perfect harmony with the symbolism of the season, this nail polish color returns in vogue every spring to evoke nature at the fingertips of the ladies. So here are some nuances and decorations that are a hit during the current year.

The good news is that there aren’t too strict rules when it comes to the specific shade of green you’re going to put on your nails. From decadent fold-down greens to delicate, romantic pastels, spring nail art trends are unpretentious when it comes to the particular shade of green polish. Do you have a weakness for pearly green? Complete it with sequins and rhinestones to enhance it even more!

Decadent and enigmatic petrol green is right on trend in Spring 2022

Lime green, smaragdine, and avocado are ideal for lovers of light tones

Combining 2 or more spring 2022 nail art trends is a very good idea!

Flowers and nature patterns are must-have decorations

The second major spring 2022 nail art trend is quite logical – we opt for flowers, leaves, and any other symbol that evokes Nature. Note that the designs of stylized leaves, which can be made in several different ways according to personal preferences, are very popular among contemporary girls and these nice little patterns can even dethrone the eternal flowers!

Of course, the color palette doesn’t have to be limited by green and we have plenty of variety on this subject. Yellow, orange, and gold are the typical representatives of the warm palette, while the cold ones are staged via pastel blue, lavender, and, unsurprisingly, Very Peri as the color of the Pantone year 2022. For a chic manicure, wear it only as an accent instead of varnishing all the nails with it.

What do you think of this Spring Acrylic Nails with real pressed flowers?

For a fresh, exotic, and youthful manicure, opt for palm leaves

If you wear your nails long, prefer pastel colors instead

The great return of the classy neutral manicure

In the spring/summer of 2022, we observe another absolutely fabulous trend – it is short nails in neutral tones, “nude” or almost, which are relevant. Beige, pale pink, and clear varnish broke with a bit of white are among the chicest manifestations of this classy and sophisticated fashion. The two-tone French manicure, which is very original and attractive, can also be done in this way.

The same goes for the high style American manicure that captured the hearts of ladies a few months ago and continues to be all the rage, especially on special occasions. Check out the rest of our top spring 2022 nail art ideas and choose the ones that suit you best.

The classy “nude” manicure is trendy and suitable for any occasion

Several natural shades can form a pretty gradient full of charm

Pale pink looks absolutely stunning, especially on dark skin

The idea of Spring nail art that is sober and artistic at the same time

Spring nail art idea that is sober and artistic at the same time

Spring Acrylic Nails/summer 2022: we become bolder with colors

Spring Acrylic Nails 1

In summer 2022, neon colors will be current again

Spring Acrylic Nails

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