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21 Hottest Smokey Eye Makeup Look Ideas In Easy Steps

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Smokey eye makeup is a style that comes and goes with the different trends of makeup looks. It is used especially for night time parties. This kind of Smokey eye makeup has been around for centuries. Women at some stage of time have made their eyes Smokey up to stand out.

Smokey Eye Makeup Grey Eyes

Smokey eye make-up is all about the combination of grays browns and charcoal coloring. These hues are matte and dark. Some darkish blues can be regarded as Smokey as well. The major hues of the Smokey make up look are fueled through the darker shades of the shade palette.

There are quite a lot of different methods which you can use for your eye make-up. Each method has the same aim in mind. Some strategies do contain the use of charcoal eyeliner that is blended throughout the eyelid.

Smokey Eye Makeup Blue Eyes

Some methods contain powder shadow only. Directions and guidelines on how to practice eye make-up that is Smokey can be observed online at beauty websites, in beauty magazines, and from professionals.

Important Elements to Consider when Starting Smokey Eye Makeup

  • The key is to constantly maintain the darkest factor at the lash line. It maintains the make-up genuinely cutting-edge and fresh and ensures you are performing extra interest to the eye vs. the makeup.
  • Keep it simple! Stick to no more than three shadows and a liner to pop your eyes.
  • The blend is your friend. Brushes are gorgeous essential to get that blend. When it comes to a Smokey eye look, it would not be count up how darkish you go, or what hues you use. Hence it is about how properly you can mixture the liner and shadow. That is what offers it that sultry look!

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Step by Step Guide On How to do a Smokey Eye Makeup

  1. Start by way of making use of a mid-tone shadow all over the lid. Opt for greys, browns, or heathers to create a delicate Smokey base.
  2. Apply a liner alongside the lash line, making positive you are coating and depositing coloration between the lashes to right away pop the eye. Choose for gel elements for handy software that might not budge all night!
  3. Layer a darkish tone shadow like espresso, charcoal, or smoke over the liner, mixing midway up the lid and into the lid shadow. Apply alongside the decrease lash line with the aid of softly urgent the brush on to the root of the decrease lashes. Then smudge out with fingers for a smokier finish.
  4. Add these all-important closing touches with mascara, like Bobbi Brown’s Smokey Eye Mascara, layering 3-4 coats for a full lash effect.
  5. Finally, you can add a sparkle shadow with your finger to provide it that actual Luxe finish. It is top-notch for smoothing out the lid and giving that combination via the crease of the eye.

Smokey Eye MAkeup WIth Curly Hairs

Smokey Eyes Look

So what are you waiting for? Give your eyes a different glam up look with Smokey eye makeup effect!

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