17 Inspiring Simple Nail Art Designs to Make your Hands Stylish

Every single woman or a teenage girl who is fond of playing with bright colors or is in love to follow latest fashion trends, she is completely aware of the popularity of simple nail art designs. Nail art designs are available in simple outlook designs and you might be finding some intricate designs of nail art as well. They do not just look beautiful but at the same time, they are trendy looking as well.

The reason why most of the women love to choose nail art designs is that it can pop up their hands with a feel of being attractive looking for others. Simple designs can easily be done at home and it merely takes a few minutes to finish it with easy application. To help you a bit, right here we are sharing a list of stunning and easy to do nail art designs to make your hands look beautiful:

Stunning & Simple Nail Art Designs for Women

Water Decal Designer Nail Art Designs:

Such types of nail art designs can easily be created by the use of water decals. You can finish it through the application of white base paint.  It would be best to finish the whole design with the topcoat application otherwise your effort will get wasted.  To bring an extra charming effect to nail art, you can even draw your favorite TV character. This needs to be selected according to your nail length and shape.

Black and Red Bling Sand Simple Nail Art Designs:

This nail art idea is best for both long and short nails.  You can apply this nail art with an application of black or red nail paint colors.  It will look extra attractive by creating some patterns on top of it. You can, later on, add some rhinestones for an extra Bling effect.  Are you ready to try this fabulous nail art design?

Crows toes Voodoo Nail Paint Design:

This is an outstanding nail polish if you can get your arms on this one then this nail clipping is simply a swipe away. The topcoat is imperative for this one due to the fact you do not favor the glitter flying around everywhere. Also, the topcoat color desires to be obvious to seem flawless. However, this is additionally one of the nail artwork for youngsters that you can come across.

Pastel Simple Nail Art Designs with Gems and Floral Accents

These pastel red nails are so lovely that they will go with any outfit. To add some class to this long nail art, there are two accent fingers. The first is a subtle design of gemstones that sparkle in the light. The second is a floral show of white daisies. It will go flawlessly with a pearl necklace or a lacy dress.

Aquamarine Coffin Nails with Sparkle Accents

If you like blue, this is one of the quality designs for long nails! Each finger has an exclusive accent. In this way, you will hence see a nail with glitter, a nail with a blue tip, a steel nail, and a softer blue nail. They are all a comparable shade; however, the look of each varies a bit.

Pretty Pink Nails with a White Tip

For every person who is searching for a pure, natural look for your nails, this is the first-class alternative that you will discover for long nails. It is all in all convenient to create this look with the natural nails. Hence if you favor adding delicate accents to the design, doing so will be a convenient venture. It will bring a classic, natural look in your nails.

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