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Simple and Chic Nails – 30 Inspiring Ideas that are Easy to Imitate

Hands and especially well-groomed nails are very important for the perfect appearance of a woman. For ladies, having an aesthetic manicure is as important as the right hairstyle or trendy clothes. But not all ladies can afford to regularly go to the salon to have their nails painted beautifully. Besides, plenty of artistic-minded women prefer to decorate their nails alone at home. Yet even the most creative among us very often run out of ideas or time and simply can’t devote hours to this activity, even if it is quite pleasant. We suggest you examine our gallery of 30 photos of simple & chic nails pretty that you can easily imitate at home! Enjoy it and enjoy an aesthetic and impressive manicure!

chic nails

Simple but Impressive & Chic Nails Art Ideas

If you are among the ladies who like to experiment with their nails and always love trying new styles, colors, and patterns, then this article is exactly for you! Simple nail art can be super pretty without costing a fortune or requiring precious time. Let’s see what colors and patterns you can’t miss! For spring, opt for fresh colors like mint green, candy pink, or blue in all its magnificent shades.

Chic Nail Art: Hurray, the Polka Dots are Back!

Animal prints, especially leopard, and geometric patterns continue to be very fashionable in 2022. Super charming and slightly vintage polka dots are also back. This is very good news because it’s a very easy design to create even when you don’t have specialized tools. Check out French manicure ideas, simple nail art for the summer holidays, and even cool ideas for the upcoming Halloween or Christmas from the photos below.

Brilliant Idea: Make Paw Prints using Hairpins

Here’s an easy but adorable idea that you can easily imitate even when you don’t have a dotting tool. (For your information, this is the small ball-headed instrument intended for making precise dots in various sizes). In fact, the ends of ordinary hairpins are very reminiscent of the tip of this tool. Therefore, they can successfully replace it with simple homemade nail art using improvised means. Except for the dots, you can use the tips of the pliers to make paw prints, leopard spots, and so on.

Original Nail Art in the Spirit of Spring & Summer!

In terms of colors to favor, there are almost no taboos. Like every year, in spring and summer, we are mainly looking for fresh tones that will impress. Forget all the rules – the bolder the shades and the combinations between them, the greater the eye-catching effect created! Even cyan, neon yellow, electric green, and magenta are not out of place, especially if you want to make multicolored patterns of them on a more sober background.

Mix the Bright Colors for an Eye-Catching Effect for Chic Nails!

Even colors that don’t normally go together can be combined as long as you recreate a fairly original design. You won’t go wrong looking for harmonious colorful wedding ideas in Mother Nature’s creations. Draw inspiration from your favorite spring flowers or even a floral patterned dress you love to wear in the warmer months of the year!

Two-tone Manicure for Rounded Square Nails

When aiming for a flawless appearance, the shape of the nails is just as important as the color of the manicure. So file your nails square with rounded corners, oval or almond, and avoid too long lengths. These shapes create a neat and chic look and at the same time can adopt several beautiful colors from the entire spectrum. The substantial advantage of short nails is that they look great in discreet light shades and intense dark tones. This is not the case with the “raptor talons” which look menacing, especially when varnished in crimson red.

Bet on a Manicure with Geometric Patterns Chic Nails!

Then, the trendy finishes are just as varied as the trendy colors and patterns. A slightly satiny or metallic-effect varnish, a glossy or matt top coat – choose what gives you more pleasure at the given moment. Our favorite variation is the 2-in-1 manicure which combines two or more finishes in a single design. Try, for example, simple matte nail art with french tips or shiny moons or vice versa.

The Raven Black Nail Polish – Is Synonymous with Class and Sobriety!

Finally, an idea which, let’s face it, is not exactly simple, nor particularly easy to achieve. But its exclusive air impressed us and we simply couldn’t exclude it from our collection of ideas. It notably involves the use of a matte finish and a high gloss. First, we varnish the nails in black as usual and then we apply a matte top coat on the entire surface or just on half of the nails. Finally, the highlight of the show – we draw patterns, in our case – baroque arabesques, using a fine brush and glossy varnish. Check out the rest of our ideas in the gallery to make sure you haven’t missed out on some super awesome simple nail art!

Gorgeous black and white swag chic nails

Simple nail art in mint green and white with silver striping tape

Ombre nails are always in style!

chic nails

Chic Nails for Short Nails with Herringbone Accent

Deco nails to do at home with stickers

Simple nail art: stripe with shades in blue and white Chic Nails

“Awful” French manicure for Halloween

Opt for colorful geometric patterns Chic Nails

Simple nail art idea: paint each nail in a different color

How to make a striped manicure at home

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