Stunning & Sleek Straight Shoulder Length Hairstyles To Try Now

Have you been in search of some sleek stylish shoulder length hairstyles? Shoulder length hairstyles are available in so many varieties in which you have a long bob haircut, side bangs, or giving your hairs a touch of wavy bangs too. The best thing about shoulder length hairstyles is that it can perfectly suit all face shapes and can be tailored to any situation.

It would not be wrong to say that a shoulder-length hairstyle can give your sophisticated personality a complete playful sexy transformation. So to help you a bit in the selection, let’s check out with some trendy ideas of shoulder length hairstyles for all the women out there:

Latest Ideas of Straight Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Women

Hairstyle No 1: The Slight Side Parting

Sometimes staying simple is what you are always looking for to give your personality a feel of elegance.

You can soften your entire rectangular or square face shape with the shoulder-length hairstyle in the side parting look. This side parting will cover the front side of your head and your wide cheekbones. If you have a larger forehead, then this hairstyle is highly recommended.

Hairstyle No 2: The Gradual Lob Shoulder Length Hairstyles

For the shoulder length hairstyles, this idea has always remained one of the top favorites among women. This hairstyle is in a form of gradual lob which is long from the front and shorter in length from the backside.  The overall length of the lob might be left up a little bit, but it is overall highlighting your shoulders from the front side. You don’t need to do any sort of parting for this hairstyle look.

Hairstyle No 3: Stylish Textured Lob

This is another stylish and uber-trendy hairdo for the women having wavy hairs. It is simply a super textured and shaggy cut that brings an oomph look in your look.  Moreover, it has feathered ends to add a fuller look in your hairs.  Dark roots will hence help to make your face look longer.

Hairstyle no 4: Wavy Shag Bob

Are you ready to add your shoulder length hairs with a shaggy fabulous look? Well, this can be all possible with this outstanding shaggy bob with side bangs in it.  Layers in it will hence bring a slender and pointed effect for your jawline and feathered tips will add a bouncy effect in your hairs.

Hairstyle No 5: Wavy Hair with Bangs

For the shoulder length hairs, bangs are always the main priority to talk about.  You can style different sets of bangs on your shoulder length hairs to flaunt your forehead.  But always pick the bang which suits your face shape.  You can keep the waves tousled and pair it with some choppy long fringe.

Hairstyle No 6: J-Law Waves Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Last we have amazing J-Law waves! For the thick hair texture, this hairstyle is the best option.  To style up this hairstyle, you hence need a curling iron and add some curls in your hair in a form of waves. Ends can be blunt for giving your hair a high volume look.

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