Short Nail Designs

17 Trendy Short Nail Designs Ideas For Short Nails

Are you ready to flaunt your short nails? If yes, then here we have some outstanding and best ideas of short nail designs to pick your favorite one right now.  If you do think that women with short nails cannot flaunt the beauty of nail art designs, then you are completely wrong with this concept. You have no clue how fantastically you can adorn your short nails with some glamorous nail art designs. And this is what we are about to prove in this blog!

It is easier to maintain the short nails. If you have brittle nails, then growing fresh new healthy nails is a real struggle for you. But giving it a touch of nail art can add some extra charm and beauty in your nails. Right here we have a list of top most trendy and best ideas of short nail designs which you have to apply on your nails right now:

short nail designs in black and white short nail designs in blue

Short Nail Designs Ideas For Girls

Amazing Turquoise and Gold Nails

This nail art design has always remained to be one of the most top favorite ones for the short nails. It is all about a superb combination of gold stones with the effect of turquoise which you will be applying on top of your nails.  To apply it perfectly, you need turquoise polish, as well as a gold polish, and a piece of plastic wrap. First, you have to apply the turquoise base coating with some effect of gold into a crushed plastic wrap. Dab it on your nails to create a flourishing desirable effect.

Lovely Idea of Graffiti Nail Art

To have a simplicity effect on your short nails, this Graffiti nail art is the best and ultimate option for you. This nail art is all about a combination of black and gold-tone effect which is easy to apply. You don’t need any sort of special tools for its application. All you have to do is to apply some random stripes by using black painted nails.

graffiti in short nail designs

Stunning Design of Pinstripe Nails

Next, we have pinstripe nail art design for short nails!  This nail art design was once known to be extremely famous for the office going women. But now it has become an everyday trend for casual wear. For performing this nail art design, you need to perform the application of nail stripper with nail polishes.  You will be using white as the base coating color. After it, you have to apply the nail paint of your favorite choice.  To bring an aesthetic pleasing effect, you can use some pastel colors.

Pinstripe in short nail designs

Gorgeous Heart Inception for short nail designs

If you are going on a Valentine Date and you are stress out about your short nails, then this nail art design will be a life-saver for you.  This fantastic nail art design is performed through a heart shape finishing by using the shade of pink nail art.  Are you ready to try it?

Heart Inception for short nail designs

Cute Looking Nail Art of Pink Yin and Yang

Lastly, we have Pink Yin and Yang nail art design! Well, this nail art design is hence all about blending pink and black nail art polishes in a completely dotted form.  If you want to add it with some glam effect, you can also apply the coating of glitter on the top.

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