You are currently viewing 35+ Short Hairstyles For Women Over 40 That Will Enhance Your Beauty

35+ Short Hairstyles For Women Over 40 That Will Enhance Your Beauty

The start of the year not only makes us want to change our lives, but also to change our minds, right? Tapered, degraded, curly or childlike cut … This year short woman’s cut is certainly the change you need to start the year on a high note. Whether you want to radically change or give volume to fine, flat hair, it’s time to take the step as some of our favorite stars have already done.

Short Hairstyles For Women Over 40 To Consult Before Going With Sharp Scissors

Why do we always talk about a return to short haircuts? Well, because it is simply timeless which, frankly, has never left us! Long associated with men, short hair quickly democratized and became an undisputed symbol of femininity and sophistication. In short, a trend that has invaded several podiums in recent years.

The Square And Its Many Facets

It is well known that there was a period when all models wore their hair long, because they had to match a certain image. But thanks to the square cut and all its variations, this is fortunately no longer the case. Long square, semi-long, super short, wet effect, with or without bangs … it folds according to everyone’s desires! In addition, it goes perfectly with the shaved trend. You can therefore adopt it plunging with the open collar.

The Bowl Cut Will Be Anything But Cheesy In Trend

Yes, it has been a few seasons since the bowl cut was worn during parades and the red carpet. Shorter or longer on the front, it always has its small effect. Its classic appearance brings a rock touch to the appearance. It is therefore not at all surprising that this cut is one of Charlize Theron’s favorite looks! Not yet convinced? Our photo gallery will probably make you change your mind!

XXS Boyish Cut

A radical change that is worth it, the boyish cut is no longer reserved for men. Minimalist, original and the shaved cut for women is certainly the new hair trend that has already sublimated several skulls. In addition to making all models crack, the “Buzz Cut” appeals to everyone, from movie stars to bloggers on social networks. Real proof that the hair codes have changed, this short cut for women is even more irresistible and trendy if it is accompanied by a beautiful coloring.


Shaved Head Trend 2020

A real masterpiece, the shaved head puts an end to brushes and styling products, putting, like the Pixie cut, all your assets in front. In addition, it adapts to all types of hair, from the finest to the thickest … they have the right! However, the XXS cut requires careful makeup! In other words, highlighting the eyes and lips is essential! You should also not neglect the complexion, including that of the neck.

What Short Hairstyles For Oval Faces?

When you opt for a change of hair, it is essential to choose its cut according to the shape of the face. And if, on the other hand, you are one of the women with an oval face, luck is certainly on your side! Simply because you can take advantage of the shortcut in all its forms without hesitation! Your best bet? The Pixie cut, of course!

True flattering look, this cut will highlight all the facets of your face. Even if you have a high forehead, you can still opt for the longer version while letting a few strands fall on your eyebrows. Feminizing and rejuvenating, the Pixie cut is a superb choice for women over 40.

Round faces, on the other hand, should choose a look with a wick on the forehead and lengths framing the face. And while the large volume remains a safe bet for women with rectangular faces, the free front lengthens and improves the square heads.

What Color To Enhance The Short Hairstyles For Women?

Natural color or trendy coloring? With a shortcut, you can try almost anything. Its rock and trendy side gives enough confidence to experiment with bold tones such as pink brown, ash blonde or platinum. The only drawback? When the hair is shorter, the root growth is faster and visible.

Short Hairstyles For Women Over 40 And Asymmetrical Square 

Gradient Square With Band On The Side

Short Square Cut On Wavy Hair

Baby Fringe And Short Square

Wavy And Slightly Plunging

The Classic Square Always On Trend

How To Style The Pixie Cut On Fine Hair?

Pixie Long Cut

Plated And Dynamic Short Hairstyles For Women Over 40

Soft, Short And Plunging

Short Shaved Cut On The Sides With Large Afro Wick

XXS Cut For Fine Hair

Afro Short Hairstyles For Women Over 40

Short Hairstyles For Women Over 40


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