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What pedicure nail art to avoid at 50? What nail polish tones do you prefer?

We will not tire of repeating that age is just a number and there are no taboos whatever the specific stage of our life! However, if you are 40, 50 or older, you probably know that there are objective factors that should be taken into account when motivating decisions related to your appearance. For example, there are haircuts that become less and less suitable over time, skin care to prefer and avoid, clothes and colors that age us, and so on. But what about pedicure nail art?

Why avoid certain tones after fifty?

Why are there pedicure colors to avoid at 50? Well, our skin gets thinner with age, hence fine lines, pigmentation spots and other blemishes become more and more visible. The same goes for the veins of our hands and feet, the relief of which always seems more pronounced over time. Logically, the colors we wear can mitigate or exacerbate these undesirable effects that make us look older than we are. Toe Nails to avoid at 50. pedicure nail art (13)

What pedicure nail art to avoid at 50 or over?

And if the shades of our clothes are most important for the energy of our mine, the colors of our manicures and pedicures are essential for the good appearance of our hands and feet. Which pedicure for fair skin ? It all starts with regular and adequate care, but what to choose and what to avoid when it comes to the nail polish color chart? pedicure nail art (7)
Yellow is the number one pedicure color to avoid at 50+ and the reason is pretty obvious. This tone can make your nails look unhealthy and make your skin look dehydrated and sickly. After 50, replace it with glamorous gold and you’ll save the day!
It all depends on the condition of your feet and the specific shade chosen, but purple can also be a pedicure color to avoid if you’re 50 or older. This is all the more true if you have hyperpigmentation of the skin. pedicure nail art Finally, we can say that black is THE pedicure color to avoid after 50 because of its ability to age and accentuate imperfections. For similar reasons, it’s best to avoid stark white and any decidedly light, overly shimmery, or otherwise garish hues.

What nail polish tones for mature toenails?

Now that you know which pedicure colors to avoid at 50, we share with you the best nail polish tones to prefer if you want to give your feet a youthful look and show off your style at the same time.
Pastels and neutral natural colors, in general, are the best option if you are looking for an all-purpose nail polish that shows class. Their range is huge and you can choose the most flattering shade for your own specific skin tone. The palette of so-called “nudes” or flesh-colored pinkish beiges is an option that is suitable for all ages and will add a lot of style to your new sandals for the summer.
Classic reds also offer a collection of fabulous color possibilities! More daring, but traditional at the same time, scarlet, crimson, coral, ruby ​​or marsala, among others, are warm shades to wear with your eyes closed, especially on special occasions. Don’t forget that roses also fall into this gorgeous category!
Finally, pearly varnish in a light shade is a great solution for mature girls who want to look a little younger while remaining faithful to good taste. It can be tinged with pink, light gold, or just barely satiny, and you can pair it easily with any pair of open-toed shoes. A good example of a 50+ pedicure color for summer
pedicure nail art pedicure nail art pedicure nail art

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