Summer Nails: Orange and Pink Manicure for more Pronounced tan

We’ve said it over and over again: colored nail polish is one of the best ways to enhance your tan. Provided you choose the right shade or the right duo of colors! With the return of sunny days, Orange and Pink Manicure is invading social networks and nail bars to our delight. Trendy for a few seasons already, it is available almost at will to give a twist to our summer nails. Coral, terracotta, apricot, tangerine or salmon, this touch of color at your fingertips is sure to enhance your tanned complexion. Even better, it will pair with the pink polish to make your golden skin look even more pronounced. Sublimated tan and radiant hands, here is the promise of the orange and pink nails that will be everywhere this summer ! So all you have to do is adopt it!

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The orange and pink manicure will adapt to each skin tone this summer 

With the return of the summer season, fruity nuances – mandarin orange and grapefruit pink – are essential. And if red and orange adapt to each complexion to guarantee you a tanned skin make-up at the top, they are also very good on your hands. So, what are you waiting for to adopt this duo of trendy colors right to your fingertips? Bright, pop and versatile, the pink and orange manicure will sweep over all nails this summer. What could be better than a vitaminized nail art to accompany your good mood? Here’s how to adopt it for hands that throw it!

How to adopt the Orange and Pink Manicure? Ideas and tips

Unsurprisingly, the orange and pink nail art is not understated. However, everyone is free to adapt it to their own taste. If you want a more subtle and all-purpose, but not banal, pink and orange manicure, dare a degraded nail art in peach and cherry Baby boomer tones. Glossy or matte version, the choice is yours. You can also try the French manicure in pink and orange or even combine it with other popular summer colors such as white, purple, blue, yellow and green. Delicate and elegant, the French in pink and orange will sublimate both short nails and XL claws. The more chilly can opt for a monochrome peach or apricot manicure with a fuchsia pink accent nail.

orange manicure

As for the most knowledgeable nailistas, they are spoiled for choice to invite the orange-pink duo on their nails in an original, even extravagant way. Swirl Nails , revisited French, half-moon manicure, mismatched, two-tone or even neon nails. Our favorite look to adopt the trend? The mermaid nail art baptized Mermaid Nails which will undoubtedly be everywhere this summer. Lively, glittery and iridescent, it goes wonderfully with pink and orange tones for a summer manicure to die for.

 pink manicure

How to make a Pink and Orange Nails at home?

To achieve one of the following summer  nail arts, get quality nail polish in pink and orange, a fine brush, a nail file and cuticle oil. We remind you that the perfect manicure goes through the right shaping. Square, round, oval, stiletto, ballerina… Fortunately, the orange and pink nails goes well with all silhouettes. Filing your nails not only allows you to shape them, but also protects them from splitting.

After the file, make way for Nail Slugging to hydrate and fortify them. Then use a polisher to smooth them out and make them shine. Finally, apply a base coat varnish to prepare them for the colored varnish. Little trick to sport a bright orange and pink manicure, put a layer of white varnish after the base coat, let it dry and try the nail art you like. For inspiration on this, go to our photo gallery.

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Orange and Pink Manicure: The Best Ways to Embrace the Trend

Orange and Pink French Manicure

Pink, Orange and White Swirl Nails

Ombre manicure or Mermaid nails in orange and pink?

Patterned gel nails in pink and orange

Deco gel nails Swirl Nails in pink and orange

Matte two-tone manicure in fuchsia pink and neon orange

Mismatched pink and orange nails to adopt the Mix & Match nail trend

Pink & Pink manicure pairs beautifully with the mismatched nail trend

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