Natural Makeup for woman

15 Easy Natural Makeup Looks for Beginners to Try Now

All those women out there who are completely not so much fond of applying huge makeup on their face, they are always looking for some natural makeup ideas and looks. In simple language, natural makeup look is also known as no-makeup look for ordinary women. You can define natural makeup to have a balance in between the glowing skin and perfectly bushy brow makeup look.

Natural Makeup Looks

Natural Makeup Ideas

To help all those women out there, here we have a step by step tutorial guide for you all to get an idea about how you can perform best natural makeup look.

Step by Step Tutorial Guide to Apply Natural Makeup Look

STEP 1: Prep

First of all, you will be applying a thin layering of the moisturizer which is needed to prep the whole skin for the makeup. You have to make sure that the whole skin has been 100% hydrated and plump enough before you start the makeup application. This will give your skin a completely natural and real look.

STEP 2: Base

The next most important for succeeding in your natural makeup looks is the application of base! It is recommended to apply with some lighter base which is best in giving your whole face a medium coverage. We will recommend you with some BB cream.  You have to apply it with SPF 50 by using some blending sponge or some flat brush.  Given the concealer application, you should look for the shade which is at least one or two shades lighter as compared to the foundation.  This will help you to cover the dark circles or the patches under the eyes.

STEP 3: Cheeks

Now just sweep blush on top of the apples of the cheeks so you can give your whole face with the perfect finishing.  To have a natural finishing, you should be including the blush with some diffused and soft outlook. Use the bronzer for warming up your skin tone and apply it on your cheekbones, jawline, and temples.

STEP 4: Eyebrows

Now it’s time to work on the eyebrows! You have to use a pencil to bring some precise variation in the whole eye makeup look.  For most of the brows, we have the best recommendation of NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil.

STEP 5: Eyes

Let’s start working on the eyes now! For the eyes, you have to apply firstly some warm eye-shadow on top of your crease. Now just swipe the neutral shade as across the side of the lower lid. Start blending it as much naturally and hence perfectly as you can.  You need to apply the single coat layer of the mascara which will be on the top and then on the bottom lashes.

STEP 6: Lips

Last comes the lips! Finish the whole lip look by applying some nude lip gloss as well as some pink lip color that compliments best with your skin tone. Try Lancome Labsolu Rosy Plump which will enhance the whole sheer look in your lips.

Some More Stunning Natural Makeup Looks Ideas

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