11 Best Natural Hairstyles for Women to Style Now

Are you fond of styling your hair in stunning and natural hairstyles? All those women and teenage girls who don’t know the trick of styling hairs in braid hairstyles or ponytail looks, for them giving their hair a perfect natural hairstyle look is the best option.

There are different variations as well as styles of natural hairstyles which you should opt according to your face shape outlook. Let’s help you a bit by checking out with top 2 outstanding and simple natural hairstyles which you need to try this summer season:

Natural Hairstyles small Natural Hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles For Women

1. Stylish Twisted Bangs Side Ponytail

Are you heading out to a fancy restaurant for a date or a wedding, perhaps? This idea ponytail trend with a literal twist will all in all seriously change you into the belle of the ball. And it takes simply 5 minutes to perfectly style up!

What do You Need?

  • Thin comb
  • Hair gel
  • Hair elastic
  • Bobby pins

How to style it?

With the tail end of your comb, create two parallel partings – one every beginning from your temple until the crown of your head. Then, create a third horizontal parting at the crown connecting the ends of the first two partings and growing a squared-off area of hair. Tie the rest of the hair in a side ponytail. Now part the front area of hair on one side. On the side of the parting with more hair, divide the hair into two sections.

Do a rope braid with each of these sections. To do so, divide the area into two parts, twist them in the right direction, and all in all, intertwine them with every other. Place the rope braids down the side of your head, curving them barely upwards close to your ears before pinning them to the side of your head. Twist the hair on the different sides of your parting. Just all in all pin it at the back of your head to end off the look.

natural hairstyles in side ponytail

2. Twisted Headband On Afro

Add bit oomph to your splendid look this easy twisted style. This twisted headscarf look is hence best for the lady who’s continually on the go and does not favor her hair continuously falling over her eyes.

What do You Need?

  • Pomade
  • Edge manipulate cream
  • Toothbrush
  • Bobby pins

How to Style it?

Apply some pomade to your curls to supply them greater definition. Smooth down the edges all alongside your hairline at the front. Pick up a four-inch part of hair from right above one ear and divide it into two sections. Twist these sections till the ends.

Start French twisting these two sections all in all by flipping the front part over the back part. You will be including more hair from the outer sections with every flip. Direct the French twisted braid throughout the top of the head, closer to the different ear. Once your French twist has reached the contrary side, tightly closed it in the back of your ear with some bobby pins crossed over every other.

natural hairstyles Headband on afro

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