Learn 17+ Amazing Natural Eye Makeup Looks for Parties

*The first rule of a perfect makeup is to look for the makeup looks which matches alongside with the color of your eyes. Most women with brown eyes opt for smokey natural eye makeup looks which brings a charming effect in their whole eye outlook.

But what about the women with blue eyes? Well, when we talk about women with blue eyes, they usually choose with some neutral and earthy tones which go perfectly with their blue eyes. But sometimes having a combination of the lighter and darker tone of shades on the eyes can even bring some magical results.

For all the ladies out there who have blue eyes, here we are sharing with some outstanding natural eye makeup look ideas for you to pick your favorite one:

Trendy Ideas of Natural Eye-Makeup Looks for Parties

Light Gold Eye Look

The effect of light gold eye shadow on your blue eyes will bring some magical results. Gold teamed up with glitter always looks classy. This can even help you to bring some sparkling effect in your eyes with the effect of gold touch. No, it depends on your personal choice that whether you want to opt for a darker shade or the lighter tone shade of gold.

Gold and Peach Eye Look

The next on our list of natural eye makeup looks we have gold & peach look!  This is the best makeup look for your eyes to bring a popping effect.  You can go all along with the waterline with some peace color effect by using eyeliner pencil.  You can later on add the peach eye shadow color effect on your eyelid.

Rose Gold Natural Eye Makeup Look

How about experimenting your blue eyes with rose gold glitter effect!  This look absolutely stunning and incredible for the night time parties! No other eye makeup look can hence beat this idea in terms of elegance and charm. Try it now!

Blue and Purple Eye Makeup Look

This is another outstanding idea of natural eye makeup for blue eyes! This eye look goes perfect for the summer season beach parties!  Blue eyes have always witnessed to work best with purple and blue color combination.  But make sure you smudge it perfectly to bring a smokey effect in your eyes. This will all in all look incredible as a day-to-night makeup.

Black Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Let’s talk about the use of black smokey color effects on your blue eyes!  Black is one such color which works best for all eye colors.  This color is all about being mysterious as well as dark in outlook which brings a sexy effect in your blue eyes.  To hence extra spice it up, you can add a hint of some glitter in it.

Well these have been few amazing and outstanding eye makeup looks which you need to try right now if you have blue eyes. Its time to glam up your blue eyes!


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