Nail Art Designs

16 Latest Nail Art Designs You Should Try Right Now

Nails have become the most wanted and favorite fashion accessory among women in the current fashion era. Straight away from the traditional nail art designs and ending with some modern nail art concept, nail art has been always known for transforming your hand’s beauty and adding a glowing touch in it.

There was a time when nail art was all about the application of henna on the nail toes or by using some herbal products.  But now it has been completely transformed into the art of using nail polishes of different colors to bring a dramatic change in your nails. Right here we are sharing with some few trendy and outstanding nail art designs which you need to try right now!

Stunning & Latest Trends of Nail Art Designs in This Season

Red Hearts Nail Art

This amazing nail art design has always remained one of the top latest trends these days when it comes to Valentine’s Day.  Red is the sign of being sexy and glamorous looking which will be grabbing the attention of other people.  To perform this nail art you will all in all need red nail color, hart decals, and glossy red nail paint for the top coating. Are you ready to try it?

Red Hearts Nail Art Designs

Christmas Nail Art Designs

Christmas is one such Eve which is a perfect occasion to apply some striking nail art designs on your nails.  You can hence use anything in the form of glitter. Or you can even cover the blue or white paint shades to fit yourself according to the occasion or theme. To perform this nail art you will hence need white or blue nail color, Christmas nail stickers, and glossy nail paint for the top coating.

Christmas Nail Art Designs

Crystal Glitter Nail Design

This is such an elegant and amazing looking nail art design which you should try right now! This nail art will look best for the prom nights or the gala events. But make sure before applying this nail paint you should polish your nails perfectly. In this way, the crystals can stick on your nails for a long time.  To perform this nail art you will need Swarovski crystals, nail glue, and vibrant nail paint for the top coating.

Crystal Glitter Nail art Designs

Textured Nail Designs

Next, we will talk about the brilliant idea of textured nail art designs. This nail art design is all about bringing a feel of innovation and uniqueness in your hands.  Textured nail art is all about putting your nail surface into different layers. It is adorned with the help of different nail paints of your choice.  You can use small blobs, brushes, or some safety pins to add a swirl effect.  It is a fun and fascinating thing to do.

Textured Nail Art Designs

Airbrushed Nail Art

Airbrushed nail art is the last what we are sharing with you!  This nail art is the fantastic idea of bringing smoothness and striking effect in your nails.  In this technique, you will be using the airbrush as well as spray machines to add an extra glamorous touch in it.

Airbrushed Nail Art Designs

To perform this nail art, you have to locate your stencil on the nails. Later on, you have to use airbrush machine nail polish is later on sprayed over the nails. You can further decorate it with some piercing or colorful beads/stones.

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