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Long Dresses are Back in 2022! Spring-Summer Dresses

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Fluid or slinky, green, red or black, evening or beach, the maxi dress is a must in the feminine wardrobe and its multifaceted character is just one of the reasons why we love it so much! The good news is that this symbol of femininity is back in vogue and it is one of the major trends that will mark the current year. But what are the models of long dresses that we will wear in 2022? Can we adopt such an outfit when we are little? What shoes with a long dress? The answers to all these questions and more are yours to discover below!

Long Dresses are in and it’s not hard to see why!

The first thing that we must mention is that we must always take into account the occasion for which we are dressing so that the result is up to our expectations. Long backless dresses in green silk satin and linen shirt dresses, for example, do not correspond to the same dress code. Both are current and extremely attractive, but the events that require them are very different and should never be confused.

Of course, there are very practical streetwear-inspired models that you can wear to the office, quad shopping, during a night out with the buddies, and so on. Know that long bohemian dresses are also quite versatile and they are at the top of the 2022 trends!

Choose your Maxi Dress according to your Morphology

Another important peculiarity, and it is quite logical: not all long dresses are suitable for all girls. However, you can easily find the one that perfectly matches your own morphology by knowing a few simple rules. At the end of the day, we don’t all wear the same fit of jeans, so we can’t expect a one-size-fits-all maxi dress that would flatter every figure imaginable.

Can We Wear Long Dresses when we are Round?

Contrary to popular belief, maxi dresses aren’t just for slender girls with perfect proportions. All silhouettes can be enhanced by a maxi dress! For example, if you are round, it is better to avoid elastic materials and tight cuts and favor linen and cotton as well as fluid models. However, be careful: fluid does not mean oversized or baggy! Models that are too baggy can add pounds instead of hiding curves and it’s best to avoid them.

A dress that’s cinched in the right place can give you a slim waistline and make you look slimmer. This applies all the more if it is black or in another dark color of your choice. Single-color designs are best, but if you like prints, choose small-scale designs. Long floral dresses are super trendy in spring and summer, so favor small delicate flowers rather than imposing floral patterns. Likewise, prefer skirts that reach to the ankles instead of models that drag on the ground.

How to Wear a Long Dress when you are Small?

This last rule also applies to all girls who are wondering how to wear a long dress when they are small. In addition, long dresses with slits or those with an asymmetrical skirt will elongate your legs and create the illusion that you are taller than you really are. The same goes for models with a strapless bodice that release the shoulders and slender the body.

And what do you think of a dress short in front long behind? It works wonders when you’re little! Keep in mind that vertical stripes have the same lengthening effect so sought after by petite ladies. The empire waist dress is another great choice for adding inches vertically. Finally, any girl more or less small knows that high heels are her best friend!

The Right Models for A and V Body Types

Are your arms not your favorite part of the body? Opt for a winter dress with long sleeves and camouflage the parts that you consider unsightly. Do you have an A body shape? Prefer a model with a flowing skirt with a sublime plunging neckline that never looks vulgar with a modest chest. Are you more of an inverted triangle? Long pleated dresses or wrap dresses are made for you! As always, the idea is to balance the proportions of the silhouette by bringing it closer to the hourglass which is considered the ideal.

Tips for Making Long Dresses 2022 Work

Instead of buying 3 or 4 different maxi dresses, start with one classic and versatile design that can be easily transformed just by using a variety of accessories. If its material and its cut are well-chosen, this same dress can be worn for 3 of the 4 seasons. In winter, wear it with a beautiful coat in a contrasting color, in spring, pair it with a leather perfecto or a denim jacket.

What Shoes with a Maxi Dress?

As for shoes, maxi skirts support flat sandals and high-heeled ankle boots with equal success. In mid-season, orient yourself towards trendy espadrilles, clogs, and moccasins. Depending on your own style and the occasion, you can pair it with stiletto pumps or sporty women’s sneakers.


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