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The 20 Most Stylish Long Dresses For Girls That Will Inspire You

The long dresses hold a special place in the department of trendy dresses. It is one of those essentials in the wardrobe from which one never separates. To make you want to wear a long dress, here are 20 inspiring looks spotted in street style.

The long dress is a wardrobe essential. For the past few seasons, it has been everywhere. On the catwalk, in street style, and the collections of your favorite fashion brands.

Fashion basic with high fashion potential, the long dresses deserve a special place in your wardrobe. To choose it well, we are inspired by the looks of fashionistas, spotted directly in the street.

Trendy Long Dresses: Which Model to Choose?

The long dress puts forward only good arguments. In addition to being very comfortable and easy to wear, it also follows the fashion trends of the moment.

And the good news is that it suits all body types. It is enough to choose an Outfit adapted to its morphology.

long dresses for girls

Contrary to popular belief, wearing a long dress when you are little is a good fashion reflex to have. To avoid being packed in your trendy dress, opt for a split model, which will reveal the legs, and avoid a block effect.

In terms of length, you have the choice between the 7/8 dress, the midi cut, the ankle-length, or to the feet; you choose according to your body type and your desires.

long dresses for girls

Among the trendy colors of the moment, there is a long red, powder pink, or other dress. On the printed side, it’s the dots and the tie and dye that are doing well, without forgetting the essential long floral dress.

The choice of the cut of your long dress, bet on the unbeatable wrap dress, which has not left fashion trends for several seasons. Small news like the long satin dress, the long knitted or crochet dress, also deserves your attention.

long dresses for girls

How to Wear Long Dresses Well?

Good news, the long dress can be worn day or night and for all occasions. You have to bet on the right accessories to sublimate it.

During the day, if you wear a long white lace dress, it is better to accessorize it to avoid the “it’s my wedding day” effect. A pair of trendy sneakers and an oversized blazer and voila!

long dresses for girls

You can also play with the layering trend and slip a white t-shirt under a dress with spaghetti straps, for a look rooted in 90s fashion. You can wear an oversized sweater over your long robe in the same spirit, which will then look like a midi skirt.

With a long evening dress, elevate your figure with comfortable heeled sandals that will subtly point the tip of their nose. Mark your waist with an XXL belt and finally add a blazer, placed on your shoulders.

long dresses for girls

What Jacket With Long Dresses?

Shortened models to mark the size or, on the contrary, extra-long jackets to follow the cut of your dress. But avoid the in-between, which would risk packing the figure. Bet on the wardrobe’s essentials: the denim jacket, the oversized trench, the cropped leather jacket, or the bomber for a sportswear look.

white long dress with jacket long dress with Pink jacket long dress with jacket

What Shoes With Long Dresses?

If you opt for an extra-long model, you can wear platform or platform shoes hidden under your dress and help you gain a few centimeters.

long dress with shoes

With a long-split dress or 7/8 length, prefer more minimalist shoes like naked sandals. In a completely different style, you can also slip a pair of pointed boots under your dress.

For a daytime look, opt for a pair of trendy and timeless sneakers like Vans Old School, Converse, or minimalist white sneakers. To follow the shoe trends of the moment, adopt dad’s shoes with your maxi dress.

long dress with shoes

We have a selection of 20 looks with long outfits to help you wear this essential wardrobe to your sauce!

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