How to Wear the Choker Necklace – The Retro 90s Jewel that is making a Comeback in 2022?

The choker necklace was all the rage in the 90s and has been worn by virtually every influential model, celebrity, and style icon, including Kate Moss and Alicia Silverstone. You’ve probably noticed the craze for this trendy piece of jewelry among bloggers and influencers on Instagram in recent months. Sure enough, more and more accessory designers are putting their own creative spin on this old fashion that is once again on the scene. Collar styles are no longer limited to black bands and leather cords. There are now many designs and even more ways to wear them. Here are some of our favorite looks.

Variations of the choker necklace adapt to every woman’s outfit

choker necklace

Jewelry trends come and go. Some pieces come back after a few years and others never seem to want to leave. Women wear jewelry to accentuate their beauty, to feel more feminine, and to accessorize their clothes. One of the most unique pieces of jewelry is the choker necklace. This is a type of collar that hugs the neck and does not hang down over the chest. It is an original and unique accessory that you can wear for almost any occasion. You can be sure it will make you look sophisticated and glamorous.

What are the most popular choker necklace designs right now?


Arguably the most classic style of choker necklace is that of a simple ribbon that ties into a knot. It is a discreet but elegant accessory, made popular by ballerinas. Ribbon chokers are usually cotton or satin, but velvet and lace chokers accentuate femininity.

Layered chokers 

One of the simplest, most stylish, and popular jewelry trends is to layer your choker necklace with other necklaces. You can indeed buy a choker model in several layers, or combine it with other similar pieces. Usually, it takes at least three coats and you can even add a pendant.

Chain Choker Necklaces 

If you really want to make a bold statement, wear a chain choker necklace made from thick metal.

Leather chokers 

Leather collars definitely fit into the fetish niche, but they can also be paired with metal pendants to evoke a funky style.

14k white gold choker necklaces

If you’re looking for an elegant choker necklace for special events or evening wear, a 14k white gold piece fits the bill. You can even find necklaces with diamond or crystal embellishments or pendants. This shimmering and gorgeous style catches the eye and matches perfectly even with a trendy 2022 wedding dress or an elegant outfit with high-waisted pants.

How to wear the choker necklace with style?

There are many stylish ways to wear a choker necklace, let’s take a look at each of them.

Casual style

Black chokers with a silver element are a great way to spruce up your everyday outfits. For a cooler look, try wearing a cute trendy hairstyle 2022. You can try bootcut jeans and finish your vision with sunglasses. Also try a crop top, denim jacket, high-waisted shorts, sweater, oversized T-shirt, and whatever else you like that makes you feel comfortable.

Lace choker necklace for a romantic and flattering look

A pretty choker necklace will bring an original touch to your outfit. It can easily go with low-rise jeans, a dress, leather skirt, or pants of your choice, especially if it’s one color. In addition to being romantic, wearing such pink, beige, or even red lace jewelry can make you look very chic and flattering. For example, you can look exquisite by also combining it with a leather jacket, heels, and finishing the outfit with dark lipstick. Moreover, you can easily combine the lace choker necklace with other jewelry to highlight your neck.

Office style

Who says you can’t wear chokers to work? You can have a sophisticated look with a well-chosen model. For a modern office outfit 2022, we recommend wearing an open-necked t-shirt and minimalist jewelry with a metallic element. It is not necessary to wear brightly colored clothes; white, beige, black, or blue will be perfect.

The sparkling choker for a glamorous red carpet look

Don’t you love that a choker necklace can help you look fabulous both in a casual look and on a red carpet? A jewel with pearls or precious stones, associated with a little black dress, will give you class and style. Also, it doesn’t have to be a little black dress, of course. A choker will complement any dress or costume you choose, as long as the focus is on your neck. You will not go unnoticed at a wedding ceremony, special event, or any other formal occasion. However, don’t forget to wear your makeup according to the crystal eye trend to get an extra sparkle!

Bohemian outfit

Bohemian style is still a mainstream fashion trend. How about adopting it with a fashionable choker necklace? Like a graceful queen, you will find this jewel with silver element will add so much vintage flavor to your light dress.

Beautiful colors, trendy materials, wind in the hair, and a wonderful bohemian choker will make you happy. You can opt for a necklace of pearls, shells, or multicolored stones.

Urban style

It has never been easier to achieve a street style than today. Wear a black leather jacket or a vinyl model in a 2022 trend shade, black ankle boots, skinny jeans, and a white t-shirt. Complete the look with a layered choker with long leather strings. You can also achieve the same effect with a single-layer jewel. A coffee or a drink with friends will never be the same again because you will shine in your modern outfit.

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