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17 Stunning Full Face Makeup Ideas for Round & Square Faces

If you will take a look around, you will be noticing different types of face shapes among women. And when it comes to the differences in the face shapes, then probably there is some differentiation in the art of face makeup as well.

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If you have a round face shape, then probably you can follow the makeup look of Kate Winslet because she has the same face shape. The same rule goes for the women with the round, diamond, heart, or the flat shape of their faces.

Kate Winslet round face makeup

Right here we have some simple and easy to follow full-face makeup tips for the ladies with round and square face shapes.  Let’s check this out:

Different Face Shapes Need Different Kinds of Face Makeup

Round Face Makeup

First of all, we will be letting you know about the round face shape which is having the same width and same length on all sides.  So it is important that while performing the makeup, you should be creating a complete illusion of your face length. For this round face shape, you need to be extra careful when applying the contouring.

You can use the bronzer as the contour when it is applied to both of the jawline and the temples of your face. Making it happen will all in all create a specific illusion on top of your round face shape.  Now in the round face makeup, you have to apply some highlight on your forehead.  Don’t forget to apply it to your under-eye area or the area of the chin.  You have to stay a little conscious when it comes to brighter colours. This is because brighter colours can simply accentuate the whole roundness of your face.

Square Face Makeup

On the next, we will be mentioning the square face makeup!  In the square face shapes, normally women have tapered jawline with some high width on the forehead. Therefore, you need to put your first attendance at the wideness of your forehead.  You have to highlight a few basic features and make sure you are balancing your whole face shape perfectly.

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Pro-Tips For Face Makeup

  • Try to look for the foundation or the bronzer which is darker in colour as compared to your skin tone. Apply it on the bottom of your chin and the temple areas of your face.  Give it a final touch with some highlighting powder on the top of your nose.
  • Now side shadow your nose by using the bronzer and add some colour on your cheeks to bring extra prominent flavour on your face.
  • Now it’s time to make your lips look flawless. You some high shine gloss or some lip plumper. Bold lip colour can also work best.
  • For the Smokey effect at the night time, you can add your eyes with some lighter shades effect besides going for something darker in Smokey look.
  • To add some final touch colouring effect on your apple cheeks, add some subtle shade of blush.

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