French Manicure Ideas

French Manicure Ideas – 19 Nails to Diversify the great classic using Gel Polishes

The famous French manicure Ideas– the technique of embellishing the nails for a neat and ultra-elegant look – were invented in honor of French women, known for their elegance and impeccable style. The French manicure is a way to embellish the nails using a base of transparent varnish (subtle pink or nude) and a white tip. The French gel manicure allows a woman to sport perfect hands and nails, day after day, for up to three weeks. The varnish remains flawless and the color is as intense as on application. French gel polish manicure keeps nails beautiful and shiny no matter the weather. It is, therefore, an ideal solution for holidays. No more worries about chipped nails and dull polish.

Girls and manicures can’t live without each other! Decorating your nails is a way to express your character and your taste. It is therefore impossible not to take advantage of the major beauty trends and novelties in the “nails” universe to wear pretty nails for special occasions and in everyday life. Nothing like the gel French manicure – the beauty revolution that all women love! And as trends are constantly changing, they allow for all kinds of audacity in terms of color, decorations, and techniques. And women take advantage of it. They do not hesitate to diversify their French manicure by favoring colors instead of classic white.

Gel polish to wear an impeccable manicure for weeks

Gel varnish, UV varnish, or permanent varnish – it’s the same thing. It is a product more than a varnish strictly speaking. We are talking about an acrylic polymer material to which color pigments are added. The gel varnish is of a thicker consistency than a classic varnish. It dries only under a UV lamp which allows the polymer material to be quickly fixed and to obtain its unequaled hold. The appearance of gel polish triggered a wave of interest. As a result, the trade abounds in recent times with almost identical “gel effect” varnishes. The difference lies in the fact that imitation varnishes dry in the open air without a UV lamp and in their not-so-long hold.
Either with the help of a specialist or done at home, the pretty manicure is an aesthetic signature that is guaranteed to be admired by everyone. Yes, gel varnishes are generally applied in beauty salons, but you can do this type of varnish at home, provided you have a UV lamp.

Why dare gel polish?

There are a few words to say about the application of gel polish to better understand the real craze that the product has caused. So, in general terms, gel polish is applied the same way as regular polish. After having made the basics of the manicure, it is still necessary to slightly file the surface of the nail to allow the gel to adhere well, push back the cuticles, and dust off the dust. The application of the gel varnish is carried out in a few steps – the base, 1 or 2 layers of varnish, and 1 layer of topcoat. After the application of each of these layers, it is necessary to pass the hand under the UV lamp.

Given the technique of applying gel varnish, it is not surprising that this type of varnish remains less aggressive than UV gel or resin. Before applying any gel polish, there is a must-have condition. It is healthy nails that promise a nice manicure, which will last a long time.

Gel polish gives all women a promise – their French manicure won’t chip and stay shiny until removal. By daring the french manicure gel we ensure an irreproachable look every day. The technique of laying a gel varnish allows all audacity in terms of decoration. You can therefore opt for all kinds of decorations and nail art, including French manicures, paint designs, sequins, rhinestones, etc.

The benefits of a gel polish french manicure

Are you still hesitating to take the plunge and adopt the gel French manicure? In order to encourage you, we are going to list the significant advantages of the gel that will make you change your mind. Whether you dream of a pretty French manicure or a total look, gel polish promises you a very natural look, incomparable to others. Impossible not to mention the super long-lasting hold (up to 3 weeks) and the exceptional shine, no matter how long it takes.

By opting for a French manicure in gel polish, you benefit from a wide choice of colors and possible finishes. Your nails will have a super shiny and refined surface. The biggest advantage of this type of varnish – is no drying time after applying the varnish.

Glamorous nail art for special occasions 

Combine nude and white nail polish to show off perfect hands and nails day after day

Color french manicure idea with nail art for summer

French gel manicure to revisit the great classics

An excellent idea to diversify the classic French manicure

French manicure in nude and white

Feminine and romantic nail art to personalize your manicure 

Two superb versions of French manicure revisited

A great idea to gently adopt summer nail art

sweet bonanza