Floral Nails : Our 30 Trendy Spring Nail Art Ideas 2022 for a Stylish Manicure

Short or long, oval or pointed nails… whatever the shape and length of your nails, the decoration of these must always be right in the latest trends or in the… season. That said, what nail art to wear in the coming weeks to welcome the beautiful days as they should? In the current article, we zoom in on the 30 most fashionable ideas of the moment, as well as the spring motifs to invite on your hands. Spotlight on the floral nails decoration to adopt without further delay!

Decorative Floral Nails to Celebrate the Return of Sunny days

what are the 4 essential patterns?

Need a spring nail art idea? We give you 30 to choose from and adorn your nails in a trendy way to celebrate the return of sunny days with a fresh and colorful manicure. But before revealing our photo gallery, let’s first examine the essential patterns to wear to enjoy an unparalleled spring nail decor.

Tip:  Do not forget to choose the shape of the nails according to the hands to have a manicure at the top without missteps!

Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossom symbolizes life, renewal, beauty, evolution… enough to adopt on your nails on the occasion of the arrival of spring! When we say cherry blossom, we mean pink varnish color in all its shades, but sometimes very light orange and red shades are also possible. Be bold and liven up your cherry blossom nail art with a great ombre effect that never goes out of style!


In addition to being the prettiest and most elegant flower in the garden, the tulip is often linked to love and has become THE symbol of spring. So here is a spring manicure idea that you could not resist. On the color side, all boldness is allowed and you are certainly spoiled for choice: pink, red, yellow, white, and so on. But to have a flower nail art in tune with the times, our editors give you two ideas that are a hit on social networks: the nail color trend 2022 and the Pantone nail decoration, the color of the year!

Daffodil Flower Nail Art

After the tulip, it is the daffodil that announces the return of spring and which takes advantage of a soft allure deserving a place on our nails. How to adopt this trendy 2022 nail decoration? Frankly, as you see fit! A daffodil on the whole of your nail or by small touches and in a French manicure style of color as shown in the example above… it’s up to you.


Finally, the last harbinger of spring is the hyacinth – this exceptional plant with colorful and fragrant flowers that deserve to be added to your list of spring nail art ideas! To adopt it without missteps, first choose your base color which must indeed be quite light or neutral, preferably white, and then choose your favorite shade of hyacinth.

Deco Spring flower nails: Inspiring Photo Galleries

After unveiling the must-have spring designs to adopt as trendy nail art in 2022, take a look at our gallery of inspiring ideas!

Orchids are also an excellent idea for flower nail decoration in 2022


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