Stylish, Easy & Creative Nails Art Design Just For You

We all know how the craze and popularity of nail art designs have become so much popular among teenagers and women of all age groups. This nail art trend is the best alternative to add your creative nails with the feel of elegance and being stylish looking.

Nail art is available in different variations and styles out of which you can pick the one which suits your style persona.  Straight away from beginners to some professional nail art experts, each one of them tries to look for some outstanding and simple nail art designs to flaunt their fingernails. Right here we have some gorgeous nail art designs which you need to try right now:

creative nails

Easy to do & Stylish Creative Nails Art Design for Women

Sticker Creative Nails Art

This has been one such nail art that you can easily perform at home by creating any design on some plastic sheet.  As it gets dry, you can use tweezers to gently pull the design out of the paper and let it stick on the base paint.  This is the best and easy design of nail art for beginners.

Sticker Creative Nails

Peacock Nail Art Designs

Next, we have beautiful Peacock nail art designs!  This nail art is hence favorable to choose by the women who are planning to attend any wedding or event with a peacock themed dress.  It is not important to give all your 5 nails a feel of peacock look. You can hence only apply this nail art on just 2-3 fingers.  For additional bling on your nails, don’t forget to use shimmering or glitter nail paint.

Stylish Black Nail Paint & Corn Starch

For performing this nail art you will need black nail paint with some corn starch.  If you have glossy black nail paint, you can all in all add the borders with nude painted finishing on the borders.  For creating a polka-dotted effect, you can use either a toothpick or dotting tool.

black creative nails

Golden Glitter Nail Design

This fabulous nail art design is all about mix and match of red and golden glitter work.  You can hence create the top base by using some base coat. After it, you can use a thin leaf brush for creating leaf design.  This nail art design is best for the fall season. Therefore make sure you add your nails with some fall colors.

golden creative nails

Half Flower Nail Art

This is a completely professional nail art design and beginners might find a little intricacy in creating it.  But all in all, it looks unique and beautiful.  This nail art is all about creating half flower nail art by using some vibrant nail paint colors.

Flower Creative Nails Art

Watermelon Creative Nails Art

As it is evident from the name, watermelon nail art is all about implicating the watermelon design on top of your nails base. You can hence create some red or peach triangles with the use of a white base. After it lines it up with green nail paint for all in all creating a watermelon design.  For creating seeds, you can use a toothpick or dotting tool. It can look best for both short and long nails.

Watermelon Creative Nails

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