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15+ Latest and Cute Cornrow Hairstyles For Girls to Follow Now

As we talk about some latest hairstyles of the 90s hip-hop, then definitely the name of cornrow hairstyles hit our mind. This hairstyle is getting a lot famous due to its presence of being added with so many styles and patterns.

Over the last few years, this hairstyle look has been ruling around the world especially among black women.  African women love to style themselves in cornrow hairstyles in different variations ranging from twisted braid or fishtail style.  Keeping this high popularity fact in mind, right here we are sharing with you some top latest and trendy cornrow hairstyles looks with you to pick your favorite one right now:

Latest Cornrow Hairstyles For Girls to Style Now

Feed-in Beaded Braids

This has been a gorgeous idea of cornrow hairstyle in which the singular cornrow is the main highlight of this hairstyle look.  This will be running down towards the center of the head which probably shoots down to all the cornrows from the sides.  Hair extensions can also be fed inside the cornrow which you can further embellish with the beads and colorful bobby pins.

Candy Floss Cornrow Hairstyles

In this hairstyle look, you have to make the use of some candy floss pink as well as black box braid extensions which will be inserted inside the hairs. This technique is called crochet braiding.  It will be leaving behind one side of the head with some lesser box braids so you can superbly expose your cornrows and bring a perfect contrasted look.

Candy Floss Cornrow Hairstyles

Combined Cornrows Dutch Braids

Get a highly superb fashion statement by giving your hair a braiding look! This is all done through the center and towards the ears in a complete jagged cornrow pattern.  But the fun part is that the Dutch braid will need some hair extensions which will be used on one side of the head alongside the cornrow tails.  Try it now!

Cornrows Mohawk

Now let’s talk about Cornrows Mohawk! In this amazing hairstyle, cornrow has been all end up with a trippy curved pattern. It has been all gather up right into the center of the head. Extensions will be attached around and will be mold up to create a perfect Mohawk look.  This will probably look so cool and edgy.

Cornrow Hairstyles Mohawk

Swirly Cornrows Afro

Sporting your hairstyle with the blend of cornrow and afro will look so much incredible and out of this world. You can get both the styles to be mixed up in this amazing swirly whirly cornrows pattern. This will appear fully feminine and flirty looking. Are you ready to try it?

Swirly Cornrow Hairstyles Afro

Floral Half Cornrow Hairstyles

Last but not least we have a floral half cornrow hairstyle look! This hairstyle has always remained the top favorite among African women for the wedding parties. This hairstyle is hence all about setting your hairs with the two simple diagonal cornrow effects. This will be on either side of your head. You can even add some natural hairs in a loose form at the backside.

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