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Which Nail Art to Choose for Ballerina Nails or the so-called “Coffin Nails” Manicure?

Did you know that so-called ballerina nails (coffin nails) got their name from the tips of ballet dancers? They have a very attractive and original shape and lend themselves to a plethora of artistic decorations. If your own nails are strong enough you can let them grow out a bit and simply file them into the desired shape. To do this, start filing your nails as if you want to do almond or a pointed manicure, but finish with a few good perpendicular file strokes to get a pronounced square tip. Otherwise, you can always use the services of a professional and make your false nails in gel, acrylic, etc.

Ballerina-shaped nail: the trend that is a hit!

Once the shape is obtained, it’s time to choose the nail art that would suit it best… Whatever your style, our gallery of more than 20 superb images will be your inspiring muse in this endeavor! After consulting it, don’t forget to save all your favorite ideas for free in your personal virtual album so that you can easily find them later and examine them in 2 clicks, if necessary!

coffin nails in brown

Ballerina’s Nails are Halfway Between Classic Almond and Square

Don’t worry, because you don’t have to wait months to get a ballerina’s nails. Of course, the best results are obtained with a certain length reached, however, the claws do not correspond to the taste of every girl and one must consider the alternatives as well…

For your convenience, we have divided the information into 3 categories and the first is specifically about ideas for short nails. For your information, the others deal with long ballerina nails and the so-called coffin manicure also known as “coffin nails”. But we will explain and examine in detail this last option towards the end of the article…

Nail art ideas for short ballerina nails

Here is proof that the ballerina shape is also achievable when the length of the nails is not too long! The other good news is that short nails tolerate both light colors and dark varnishes without the risk of ending badly with a tasteless manicure. Let’s see some original and attractive nail art options for short ballerina nails

Short filed nails allow a more imposing glamorous nail art

Do you love polish with shimmering reflections and sparkling glitter but only find them suitable for visiting a fair? Here then is the trick to successful nail art in super-shiny pearly varnish and artificial crystals of all kinds… The unique conditions to make it work: opt for an outfit that is as refined as possible and keep the nails relatively short.

Coffin nails with stone

How to Wear Long Coffin Nails

When the nails become longer, their decorations must respectively become more restrained, at least if one wants to avoid kitsch. Indeed, flashy hues, intricate patterns, and dazzling rhinestones aren’t necessary at all to make your ballerina’s nails look special – their shape and length are quite expressive as they are!

Pastel Colors with an Ombre Effect Fit Well with this type of Manicure

Sometimes it’s the discreet pastel shades that grab everyone’s attention without at the same time imposing themselves. Give preference to them by choosing nail art for your ballerina’s nails and the chic effect is one hundred percent guaranteed! The classic or revisited French manicure, the so-called “nude” colors, and the pale shade are just 3 of the good options.

coffin nails with glitter

Ballerina Gel Nail

What’s better than the ballerina gel nail? Much more resistant, gel nails allow you to enjoy an impeccable manicure for longer without worrying about it. The ballerina shape, on the other hand, is the big trend in manicures, and with good reason. If you have already adopted it, you are aware that the ends of the coffin nails resist better, unlike other much more brittle forms.

coffin gel nails

Ballerina Fake Nails

If your nails are not long enough, you can adopt ballerina false nails. Your manicurist will know how to file them well to obtain the perfect shape. Once the nails are fixed, all that remains is to achieve the ideal nail art and you’re done.

fake coffin nails

French Matte Manicure Revisited, Performed on long Ballerina Nails

coffin nails

The naked flows (the “nudes”) perfectly balance the imposing air of the “Coffin Nails”

Coffin Nails with Rhinestones or Sequins on a Black Background

Finally, we arrived at the long-awaited coffin nails! At the risk of disappointing the goths a bit, there’s nothing macabre about this trendy manicure. All kidding aside, this is a kind of ballerina manicure that’s somewhat exaggerated in shape and/or length. Most often, it is varnished in black or a dark color and polished with opulent “baroque” accents.

The “Tufted Nails” effect and marbled nail art ideally match this shape

You could even say that “ballerina nails” and “coffin nails manicure” are synonyms! Either way, if you feel like changing something drastic in your look, try coffin nails and black polish. Dress up this gothic nail art with rhinestones, sequins, or marbled patterns and you won’t have a rival!

Wedding of Matte Black and White with Flowers, Rhinestones, and “Negative Space” Hearts

Two Options of Coffin Manicure Decorated with Beautiful Black Lace Patterns

Coffin Nails Perfected with White Polish and Gold Glitter



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