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Christmas Nails – Adopt the Festive Trend this Year

Christmas Nails 2021: what are the main trends to have festive nails at the top?

The holiday season is approaching and you have probably already chosen the perfect Christmas dress , as well as the style of your hair and makeup for the event. In order to be on top to your fingertips without leaving out the smallest detail, it is absolutely necessary to take care of your nails. The good news is that there really is no wrong way to decorate their nails and everyone is free to choose the Christmas 2021 manicure that suits them! Of course, a nice chunk of ideas is always welcome, so choice4women is happy to provide them to help you find the inspiration you need for your next beauty boost.

What are the major trends in Christmas Manicure 2021?

The countdown to the end of the year holidays has started and the Christmas spirit is already very present. No wonder then that our nails are the first to be adorned with thematic patterns and festive colors to allow us to express our emotion and our joy in a discreet artistic way. But every season has its defining trends, which means that to adopt a trendy Christmas 2021 manicure, you need to be up to date with what’s new. This is why this article focuses on the must-have nail models to adopt this year for a top-notch look on Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

The festive French manicure

After the revival of the two-tone French manicure , for the Christmas party 2021, many girls will be adopting the festive and thematic French. Simple or creatively adorned, the nails will be available in the traditional colors for the period, red or green.

In order to decorate the tips, we will have the opportunity to be creative by choosing thematic designs such as barley sticks, Christmas hats, abstract glitter patterns etc. It will all depend, of course, on personal taste and mood.

The trend is undeniably for golden nails

The Christmas 2021 manicure also puts the spotlight on golden varnishes with discreet or a little more imposing glitter. As you can guess, this is a gorgeous Christmas to New Years transitional festive manicure idea. A simple touch of gold will make your nails look precious and glamorous that you absolutely must make your own.

If you prefer, feel free to decorate your claws with an elegant base color, like navy blue, pine green or cranberry red, and after that add some gold designs that will complete the set elegantly. You can also achieve a modern French glitter manicure or a chic half-moon nail art.

If you are more of a fan of the cool range and gray in particular, then go for the silver decorations. A glittery silver polish goes beautifully with nails in white, dark blue and even some shades of red. Use it to make a pretty snowflake nail art , unusual trees or just abstract patterns.

The classic red Christmas manicure is reinvented

Christmas red, burgundy, cranberry red, merlot, crimson, carmine etc. – the most requested nail polish color in December has a lot of gorgeous shades to offer. The good news is, they are all ideal for your gorgeous and modern Christmas 2021 manicure!

Choose yours according to your skin tone and taste. It is still possible to achieve festive nail art or to bet on trendy associations. As an example, the Christmas manicure in white and red or the other in gold and red are among the most requested duos to consider this season.

Black nails for Christmas: good or bad idea?

If you want to have a less traditional Christmas manicure as possible, black polish might be the perfect idea. Daring and original, black nails have been very fashionable for quite some time, so they are a great alternative for the holiday season. When it comes to nail art, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to decorating them.

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Whether it is a golden or silver varnish, rhinestones, stickers or even patterns to stamp, the result will be decidedly unusual. Glossy or matte, black polish is ideal for both short nails and long claws, so whatever yours are, you’ve got the right backdrop for making understated or stately decorations.

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