Celebrity Tattoos

What are the new Celebrity Tattoos and What are their Meanings?

The tattoo has always been a controversial subject: both it has followers and opponents! But in the end, getting a celebrity tattoo is a personal act and everyone should think about their own position. And while your own permanent skin design is no one’s business but you, there is a group of people whose tattoos cannot go unnoticed and they are often scrutinized by the general public. Yes, as you can guess, we will talk about the stars’ tattoos and more specifically, their latest additions.

The Latest Celebrity Tattoos and their Meaning

Famous tattooed men and women have always made headlines in the tabloids, which scrutinize their latest designs and sing their praises or explicitly criticize them. Do you remember Kendji Girac’s wolf tattoo? It caused a wave of disapproval among opponents of this art as among its fans who considered it a cliché. And the tattoo Renaud got on his hand? We recall that it was a bull’s head with the inscription: “Corrida, no thank you” which won him friends, but also enemies. In short, whether star tattoos are mundane or political, which they certainly aren’t, it’s boring.

Celebrity Tattoos

Today, we’re going to take our own look at star tattoos without trying to rate them. We’ll just introduce you to what popular Americans and Brits in movies, music, TV, etc. have chosen to eternalize on their bodies in 2021 and 2022, and you will decide if it was a good or a bad idea.

Celebrity Tattoos at Arm

Deeply Personal Permanent Skin Designs

US TV presenter Chrissy Teigen got a tattoo of the title of the song her husband John Legend dedicated to her. The words “Ooh la” adorn the back of the actress who is currently 36 years old along her spine, which required the use of a very artistic font. Real proof that the love between the two is reciprocal!

Celebrity Tattoos at Back

By the way, this isn’t the only tattoo Chrissy has added to her body recently. She also opted for polka dots on the fingers of her hand which look minimalistic and downright awesome. She didn’t reveal their specific meaning, but she did joke that it was Morse code for “I’m tired.” Beautiful and fun this Chrissy!

The magnificent singer Adèle adorned herself with a drawing of the planet Saturn to celebrate her return to the music scene. In astrology, a Saturn Return is when Saturn completely revolves around the Sun and returns to the exact position it was in the sky when you were born. It happens every 27 to 30 years and usually lasts two to three years. It marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. The return of Saturn can symbolize maturity in your life and a new idea of ​​who you are and what you want to accomplish.

According to actress Lili Reinhart, the rose, the eye, and stars on her arm symbolize love and romance, but not only. This tattoo depicted her romantic side while symbolizing that she was a “warrior of love.” According to Lili, she is a person who fights with all her might for the people she loves, even at the risk of being seriously injured. “I choose love, always” – added the star.

Gestures of Love do not Require an Explanation.

And speaking of celebrity tattoos as romantic gestures… Did you know that Brooklyn Beckham (23), the son of Victoria and David Beckham, made a tender passage from a love letter that his wife last forever, Nicola Peltz (27), wrote to him? FYI, the couple got married just over a month ago (April 9, 2022) and it was an event that everyone was constantly talking about.

Celebrity Tattoos

American top model Gigi Hadid chose to place her daughter Khai’s name in Arabic forever on the inside of her arm. Of course, this indelible design is one of the star tattoos that doesn’t need an explanation. Truth be told, children’s names and birthdates are extremely popular as tattoos, whether it’s for celebrities or for us the rest of us.

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celebrity tattoos at neck

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