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17+ Perfect Ideas of Cat Eye Makeup To Look Sexy in Parties

Well, so far we have noticed so many different ideas and styles of eye makeup looks, in which cat eye makeup is one such look that always stays high in demand in the world of makeup.  It adds the woman’s eyes with extra charm and elegance which makes her look sexy and glamorous. The cat-eye makeup look is normally popular for the night time parties to make yourself feel confident in the crowd.

Just like a Smokey eye makeup look, a cat-eye look is incomplete without the taste of winged eyeliner n it.  It might be an intricate task to recreate for some of the ladies out there, especially those who are beginners. Cat-eye makeup is all about perfection and handling eyeliner in a swift motion.

Let’s check out with some inspiring and best ideas of cat eye makeup looks to flaunt your sexy appearance in parties:

Idea No 1: Cat Eyes Idea with Nude Lipstick

This is such an awesome and ravishing looking cat eye makeup look. The whole blend of the makeup is based on burgundy and metallic orange shadow on top of the lid.  This whole look simply turns out to be sassy and can easily flip anyone head on your on parties.  To achieve this stunning look you can use metallic tone, with liquid eyeliner and burgundy shadow.

Idea No 2: Amazing Winged Cat Eyes

Every single woman is fond of applying winged eyeliner which is part of everyday makeup look!  You can even make it look ravishing with some shimmering glitter touch in it.  Sleek eyeliner look adds some more hints of glamour in your whole makeup look.  Choosing it for the night time parties or special events is best. You do have the choice to pull off the whole look by using glitter liner.

Idea No 3: Natural Cat Eyes Makeup Look

It’s time to get cat eye makeup look naturally! Recreating this look is so much easy by using the brow matte hues with soft shimmering glitter use.  Blending the brush with matte eye-shadow or darker chocolate will look ravishing.  You can all in all finish the whole look with brown lips.

Idea No 4: Liquid Liner for Cat Eye

This eye makeup look is best for the ladies out there who don’t like to support glitter powder but still, they are in want to have some sparkling touch in their eye makeup.  To achieve this look, you can use a liquid liner or glitter gel besides powder. You can even blend the eyelash glue with a little amount of glitter.

Idea No 5: Cat Eye Makeup for Small Eyes

Lastly, we have amazing cat eyes look for small eyes! This is although completely a transitional makeups look which you can pick for a nighttime party. You just hence need to apply some bright and glitter eye-shadow. Later on, you can add a little hint of eyeliner over the lashes at the bottom and later on add mascara to have a quick eye makeup look.


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