Top Classy Ideas of Box Braid Hairstyles for Women

Braid hairstyles are adorable and sexy and are quickly turning into a famous style for celebrities like Jessica Alba and non-celebrities as well. From side braids and basic French braids, many box braid hairstyles appear notable and are effortless to do.

For some of the women and especially teenage girls creating artistic and stylish box braid hairstyles is quite a difficult thing to do. So to guide them better we are right here to share with you some chic and easy to style box braid hairstyles for yourself. Check out below:

box braid hairstyles

Hairstyle No 1: Crochet Box Braid Hairstyles

If you are searching for a faster way to get box braids, putting in crochet braids can make a fantastic option. To create the look, your stylist will cornrow your head earlier than the use of a hook to thread field braid extensions into your natural hair. This looks so trendy and chic! Try it now!

Crochet Box Braid Hairstyles

Hairstyle no 2: Curly Box Braids Hairstyles

For a remarkable and female look, you can pay attention to rocking curly or wavy container braids. To create the style, simply weave your box braids collectively into large braids. Then, dip every area in warm water and dry with a towel or hairdryer. Once dry, unravel the giant braids to expose your curled box braids.

Curly Box Braids Hairstyles

Hairstyle no 3: Bob Box Braids

The ’90s are formally cool again. So, why not whole your throwback to the decade with a box braided bob? This whole style of box braid looks significantly elegant and will immediately add a dose of mind-set to any outfit.

Bob Box Braid hairstyles

Hairstyle no 4: Cornrows with Box Braids

Pairing cornrows with braids is a superb way to combine two elegant looks into one. While there are a lot of approaches to rock the combination. You can look for a cornrow half-up with well-known box braids at the lower back is truly one of the best.

Cornrows with Box Braid hairstyles

Hairstyle no 5: Blonde Box Braid Hairstyles

Want to lighten up your look? Blonde braids are an amazing way to do it. The best thing is via braiding in blonde hair extensions, you can completely change your look without a drop of dye.

Blonde Box Braid Hairstyles

Hairstyle no 6: Brown Box Braids

You can nonetheless provide your hair with a lighter look besides going blonde! This can be made possible with the help of opting for brown braids. To nail the look, simply keep in mind to choose a coloration of brown. Pick the one that flatters your complexion and pores and skin tone.

Hairstyle no 7: Red Box Braids

For those who are fond of assertion style, pink braids are a splendid option for them. All you want to do is choose your best hue. From mazing cherry pink colorations to wealthy burgundy tones, there are masses of crimson colors from which you can choose.

red box braid hairstyles

Hairstyle No 8: Purple Box Braid Hairstyles

Purple can additionally be a beautiful shade for braids. Like red, however, you have to locate your ideal shade. Additionally, don’t neglect to think about the depth of the shade you choose. While vivid violet colors are fashion-forward, extra subdued tones may additionally be higher if you work in a workplace environment.

Purple Box Braid Hairstyles

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