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Most Trendy Animal Nail Art for Summer to try this Year

Animal Nail Art i.e Python, leopard, tiger, crocodile, cow, zebra, tortoiseshell… animal print has nothing more to prove on the fashion scene! That’s why it now invites itself on our nails in a wild nail art way. And because the French manicure has been asking for a makeover for quite a while, why not try the French manicure with animal motifs? This nail design defines all competition and will quickly make you forget the classic version in nude and white. In short, a manicure trend that we will soon all be wearing. The proof in 20 nail designs to adopt with your eyes closed this summer !

animal nail art

French manicure with Animal Nail Art for summer : Yes or no?

The French manicure is the queen of the world of nail art in the same way as the square cut in the hair universe. In addition, it is declinable at will! The latest version to try to be trendy all the way? French manicure with an animal motif! The nailistas are indeed more and more to crack for a French leopard print, zebra printor even Dalmatian. Proof of this is on Instagram and TikTok, the hashtag #animalprintnails which has over millions of posts. A nail art trend already validated! Even starlets like the Kardashian sisters, Megan Fox, Rosalía and Jennifer Lopez have already given in to it. Want a manicure worthy of the pros? Dare the French and animal print combo! But beware, if the idea of ​​​​the French manicure is generally to sport a discreet look, the animal version is full of creativity and originality. explains how to adopt it without overdoing it!

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Animal nail art for which nails?

On short nails or XXL claws, ballerina or stilletto shape, the wild French manicure is everywhere. But no matter the length of your nails or the nail design you have chosen, preparation is the first step to sporting a perfect manicure. Take the necessary care of your claws so that they are in good health. Moisturizing cream, olive or almond oil, white vinegar, baking soda… There’s nothing complicated about doing homemade nail care! And as it is important to file your nails to avoid breakage and splitting, give them the desired shape. For awkward beautistas wanting to sport a cute, wholesome animal print French manicure, it’s best to drop by the salon.

How to adopt animal print on your nails?

Eccentric, even vulgar, the manicure with animal motifs? Hurry up! This summer 2023, to delight all savvy nailistas, the animal print French manicure will be quite minimalist. We will therefore adopt it as an accent on two or three nails, in a total reverse French look , matte, with vitaminized or darker colors, on natural claws or false nails. In short, for each desire, its original nail design!

How to make the French manicure with animal motifs at home?

To succeed in the animal print French manicure at home, you don’t need to be a nail art pro. Start by choosing the pattern that you like the most. Python, leopard, tortoiseshell, crocodile, zebra, cow… the choice will be quite wide this season. Contrary to popular belief, animal motifs promise a fairly versatile manicure when they are made in more sober colors. The most chilly nailistas among you can opt for a minimalist design or even invite the wild print on just two or three nails. Then, equip yourself with the right tools to succeed in this nail art like a pro. Basically, apply a protective base, then two coats of nude varnish of your choice. beige, manicure that enhances the tan . Draw the animal patterns with a fine brush, apply a top coat and voila!

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