Acrylic Nails Art- The Artiest Trend of the Year that you Embrace

Inspired by the greatest painters of contemporary art, abstract art invites itself into our daily lives. Are you wondering how? On our nails of course! You are unlikely to buy a masterpiece to decorate your walls but you can turn your manicure into an amazing painting of Picasso, Wassily Kandinsky, Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Miró, Hilma Af Klint, or Robert Delaunay. In fact, it is not as difficult as it seems and we will prove it to you with an incredible gallery of photos. Get inspired and replace nails in nude colors and the monochrome manicure with Acrylic Nails Art that has been flooding social networks for a few months. Go! We are embarking on a super arty and creative project that will free your imagination!

What exactly is Acrylic nail art?

Acrylic nail art is another trendy way to give your nails a glam look. The designs can be inspired by the deepest elements of your imagination and can turn out to be quite impressive. Far from the intricate designs of traditional nail art, perfection is not the goal here. In fact, the case with the abstract manicure is just the opposite – asymmetrical and messy. So think less about finesse and more about flair. What’s also good is that not all nails have to look the same. It’s awesome, isn’t it?

As seen on Kylie Jenner and Lana Condor, the abstract manicure is all the rage and unlike other trends such as jelly nails, for example, acrylic art will impose itself massively. The reason is that the variations of this type of manicure are really endless. And when we talk about the shape of the nails, it’s up to you too. Short, long, square, ballerina, or stiletto almond nails, there are no rules.

How to succeed in the arty trend of manicures?

As already noted, there are no rules here, but we can still give you some useful tips and ideas to achieve iconic acrylic nail art. We have carefully chosen models that are perfect for different seasons and occasions. They are also very easy to draw on your own and can also be done by a professional in a beauty salon. Mix and match some of these ideas for a fun nail makeover that best expresses your personality.

With designs made up of block swoops, erratic dots, splashy colors, and geometric shapes, the on-trend manicure looks more like abstract paintings than nail art.

10 awesome ideas and tips for a perfect Acrylic nail art

1. Experiment with different patterns and designs to make each nail shine on its own.

2. You can choose colors to suit the season such as pastels for spring and burnt orange for fall.

3. Patterns can include different geometric or tribal signs.

4. Also add some lines, splashes, and something as basic as dots.

5. Most of these designs can be done from the comfort of your home. Take inspiration from our well-curated photos and grab a few brushes to spend a creative hour with friends.

6. Acrylics, gel paints, and glitter can all be used to create fun looks. The nail art foil can also be adapted to the abstract trend.

7. You can also add stones and crystals for a more funky look. Take into account that the kitsch look is not the object of this type of manicure. So, if you are using mini jewelry and decorations, you should put them just as a little accent.

8. Protect your nails from damage by grooming them after each manicure session. You can for example use castor oil which will strengthen them in a natural way.

9. Use a Sharpie or toothpick to draw the fine lines.

10. If you don’t have Picasso’s talent, don’t worry, as there are quite a few nail decals you can use.

A daring manicure with floating shapes and splendid colors

Acrylic black and white nail art in a matte version

Oval nails in nude color with abstract lines

Combine colors or bet on one with silver accents


 An abstract art manicure inspired by the painter Wassily Kandinsky

Acrylic nail art in various shades of blue

Do not limit yourself in the choice of colors, choose several!

If you prefer the simple and minimalist manicure, add a little rhinestone or foil


An abstract manicure in pink and red with mini hearts: ideal for Valentine’s Day

The french manicure in an acrylic version

Manicure in a stiletto shape inspired by paintings by Gustav Klimt

Splashing ombre colors on a nude base

sweet bonanza